Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

I learned about the existence of Montenegro by a bus driver I met in Munich, Germany last year at my hostel. He couldn't stop raving about how Montenegro travel was a "must visit" and from the pictures he shared with me, I could agree that it was a lovely place. Given the proximity from Croatia, … Continue reading Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

Nordic Vibes: Finland Destination Ideas

This Nordic vibes: Finland destination ideas provides you with cities to visit in Finland. Visiting the Nordic cities of Tampere and Helsinki in Finland promises an unforgettable experience. Expect to be filled with unique cultural immersion opportunities for travelers. Tampere, renowned as the sauna capital of the world, offers a distinct sauna culture and beautiful … Continue reading Nordic Vibes: Finland Destination Ideas

Solo Traveling Love Lessons

My Latina solo traveling love lessons took a short pause as I made my return to the states. All in the name of "love". Let's be clear, not love for me but for some of my dearest friends, Christine and Alex. They married their respective loves. In hindsight, I must love Christine as I had … Continue reading Solo Traveling Love Lessons

UK & US Staycation Dreaming

Sometimes traveling abroad can be difficult, sometimes our travel budget doesn't allow for far destinations but sometimes, we really need a vacation. These are UK & US staycation ideas if you want to travel but not leave too far from home. I had my fill of staycations visitng various areas of England during Covid and … Continue reading UK & US Staycation Dreaming

Local-Approved NYC Highlights

When is the best time to have a NYC holiday you ask? The “Big Apple”, the “City That Never Sleeps”, is a great destination to visit year round and I should know given my over 8 visits here. Want to get infected with the NYC holiday spirit? You need as little as 3 days for … Continue reading Local-Approved NYC Highlights

Flight Travel Check List Every Passenger Should Follow

Many of us were forced to stay home in lockdown having our much desired or much needed travel plans paused or canceled. With travel bans in place and covid travel restrictions in countries, the travel industry really took a hit but thankfully, travel has resumed and the travel industry is back! The reality is that … Continue reading Flight Travel Check List Every Passenger Should Follow

Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

Remember roadtrips? I almost forgot how easy it is to travel with a vehicle especially when the vehicle doubles as a home. This article goes into all top campervan tips tricks & essentials when planning your ultimate roadtrip adventure. Traveling using a Camper van is by far the best and most cost-efficient way to travel … Continue reading Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

Travel Light Guide

Luggage fees have really hit the bank when planning a holiday. These fees can be anywhere from $25-$60 each way especially when traveling on an economy airline. If you think airlines in America are bad, economy airlines in Europe have even smaller size restrictions. When it comes to carry-on luggage’s making packing a #LifeinaBag and … Continue reading Travel Light Guide

How To Obtain A Second Passport For US Citizens

Any traveling nomad will agree that the best book you could have in your possession is your passport. In a strange way, this simple book represents freedom and a life you love. But what happens when you have to give up your passport and find a way to obtain a second passport? Back in 2018, … Continue reading How To Obtain A Second Passport For US Citizens

Haggling 101 While Traveling

Haggling, bartering or whatever you call it is the custom of negotiating a price for goods. It is an art as old as time. Learn haggling 101 while traveling to get your favorite items at the price you find suitable should be a skill to have. See my all my haggling secrets below. Why Do … Continue reading Haggling 101 While Traveling