Travel Resources

Travel can be confusing and nerve wracking. I’ve been there, I’ve done and want to share these resources with you.  

See everything you need to know about Packing, Covid Safety, Passports, Budget Travel and everything in between.

Looking for tips and advice on a topic not found here? Don’t worry, comment below and I will be glad to advise you best I can.

A Guide For Travel Post Lockdown 

Top Tips For Solo Travel

FREE Travel Planner Checklist

How To: Maximize Your Work Trip

How To: Vacation On A Budget

How To: Visit A City During A Layover

Luggage Checklist 

GTM Travel Bag Challenge

Carry-on Bag Essentials

Two Valid Passports

Overnight Airport Layover – Trips & Tricks

Covid Travel Checklist

Tips For Exploring Cities On An Electric Scooter

Campervan Tips, Tricks & Essentials

Stay Fit While Traveling – Tips & Tricks 

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