Passport To Europe: Decode Schengen Visa For US Travelers

Hey there, fellow travelers! Two big changes are coming to Europe in 2024 that will affect Schengen Visa for US Travelers. Let’s get you all clued up and ready to rock your trips to the EU! 🌍✈️

Starting in 2024, US citizens and folks from other countries will no longer be able to enjoy visa-free travel to Europe but they will be able to visit more countries with one visa . Yep, you heard that right! Things will change, and you’ll need to prepare a bit more before heading to Europe. No worries, though, this Latina solo traveler has you covered.

More Countires To Visit

The Schengen Area, known as the world’s largest visa-free zone is welcoming two new members, Romania and Bulgaria, making it even more awesome to explore with just one Schengen visa as they join the existing 27 Schengen member countries.

Benefits to the expansion include minimal border control times, as short as 10 minutes! And more countries you can enjoy access to in the world’s largest visa-free zone. On the other hand, this does mean less countries to visit in the EU when your Shengen VISA period is set to expire. (Remember, with a valid U.S. passport, you can stay up to 90 days for tourism or business during any 180-day period.)

Schengen Visa For US Citizens

As I hinted earlier, Visa-free travel to Europe/ Schengen area is ending for a  lot of people and countries including the US. The US requires a similar visa process for Europeans coming to visit so it’s no surprise that the US will now also be required to do the same for those visiting Europe.

Don’t let anything disrupt your journey to Europe – be prepared with the right knowledge! Discover essential information and effective planning tips below to apply for your VISA and visit Europe in 2024 and beyond.

Plan Your EU Visit





How To Apply For Schengen Visa From The US:

ETIAS – the European Travel Information and Authorizations System will bring new requirements to travel to Europe for US passport holders. Travelers who could previously visit Europe without a visa will now need to apply for ETIAS authorization before embarking on their trips to any EU Schengen countries.

Great news for travelers! The ETIAS application process is remarkably straightforward.

Application Process / Approval

Simply complete an online form, providing basic biographical information and answering travel and medical history questions. Once you apply for your visa online, this will be reviewed and you will receive a decision via email within 96 hours. If granted, it will remain valid for three years, allowing multiple entries for stays of up to 90 days.


The ETIAS fee is approximately 7 euros. For those under 18 years old and over 70 years of age will not be charged.

Things To Note

Keep in mind that specific costs may vary based on your country of origin. To access all necessary information, updates, and apply for your visa, visit the official ETIAS website.

What Other Countries Will Need A Schengen Visa:

This new visa requirement applies to citizens from the U.S. but also UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and several other countries (essentially anyone who can currently travel without a visa). This doesn’t apply to people from countries that already require a Schengen visitors visa.

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Schengen Visa for US Travelers

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