Pata De Chucho – My Latina Traveler Nickname

Many of you know me as Girl Takes Mundo, but did you know I have a Latin nickname that screams traveler in the Latin language; “Pata de Chucho”. In its literal sense, it means “dog leg”. In Guatemala, it’s a person, similar to a stray dog who roams free in the streets. Fitting for this Latina traveler right?!?!?

Who Gave Me My Latin Traveler Nickname

Pata De Chucho & G-ma

My G-ma (The nickname I gave my Grandmother) was always great with nicknames. She nicknamed me “pata de chucho” when I started my Girl Takes Mundo – Latina Solo sabbatical.

I was her “pata de chucho”, the grandchild roaming freely all over the world. 

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Honoring This Latina Traveler Nickname

Tattooing this Guatemalan nickname to honor my grandmother and my Latina traveler spirit, felt right. 

Being able to revisit Guatemala and have people recognize the term, identity with it and make me feel like one of them because of my ink, made me feel “Chapina”. 

The last bit being the hardest for those of us who identify with our parents motherland but aware/reminded we aren’t fully since we weren’t born in said motherland. 

Final NotE From Pata De Chucho

My experience in Guatemala helped bring full circle the importance of this nickname that I proudly use today. It connects me to my heritage, my passion, my motherland but more importantly my G-ma. Who I know now roams with me like a “pata de chucho” everywhere I go. 

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