Pata De Chucho – My Latina Traveler Nickname

Many of you know me as Girl Takes Mundo, but did you know I have a Latin nickname that screams traveler in the Latin language; “Pata de Chucho”. In its literal sense, it means “dog leg”. In Guatemala, it’s a person, similar to a stray dog who roams free in the streets. Fitting for this Latina … Continue reading Pata De Chucho – My Latina Traveler Nickname

Solo Traveling Love Lessons

My Latina solo traveling love lessons took a short pause as I made my return to the states. All in the name of "love". Let's be clear, not love for me but for some of my dearest friends, Christine and Alex. They married their respective loves. In hindsight, I must love Christine as I had … Continue reading Solo Traveling Love Lessons