My passion is travel and I have a simple goal; travel the world 1 passport stamp at a time. But I also want to travel with purpose by inspiring and teaching others how to travel.

I began traveling because it was what brought me happiness and with travel my own self discovery blossomed. I hope to use this site to show you the corners of the world through my eyes but also pass down my travel experiences in order to help make travel easy, accessible and safe for everyone. (If I can do it, YOU can too.)

Even if traveling isn’t your passion, I hope my story can help harness your own self discovery and determination to push you to achieve whatever your goal or dream is. Mine was traveling and I am no different than the common person in this world. If I can achieve my dream, you can too.

Happy travel planning,

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Weekend City Break – 3 Days Visiting Bath, Stonehenge & Castle Combe

Living in a time when travel bans have caused travel disruptions for a poor travel addict like myself has meant getting my fix close to home. Happy for me, I live in a new country; England, that despite being small is still full of beautiful places to explore. While I had had the chance to … Continue reading Weekend City Break – 3 Days Visiting Bath, Stonehenge & Castle Combe

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