My passion is travel and I have a simple goal; travel the world 1 passport stamp at a time. But I also want to travel with purpose by inspiring and teaching others how to travel.

I began traveling because it was what brought me happiness and with travel my own self discovery blossomed. I hope to use this site to show you the corners of the world through my eyes but also pass down my travel experiences in order to help make travel easy, accessible and safe for everyone. (If I can do it, YOU can too.)

Even if traveling isn’t your passion, I hope my story can help harness your own self discovery and determination to push you to achieve whatever your goal or dream is. Mine was traveling and I am no different than the common person in this world. If I can achieve my dream, you can too.

Happy travel planning,

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When & Where Should I Visit In Europe?

The question above is one that I am asked a lot because I, A) love to travel & B) live in Europe. While I love living in Manchester, I am also mindful it’s not on the top of people’s list when planning a trip to Europe and that’s perfectly ok. It’s exciting to see that … Continue reading When & Where Should I Visit In Europe?

UK Weekend Adventures – The Iconic “Ale Trail”

Have you heard of the Ale 🍺 Trail in the UK? For those who haven’t, the Ale Trail started as a marketing scheme in the UK. The aim was to promote tourism to rural areas in the UK and encourage people to visit a series of pubs close to rail stations along a railway line. The … Continue reading UK Weekend Adventures – The Iconic “Ale Trail”


The saying goes, ”when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and that’s exactly what I did when a short layover time in Madrid International Airport resulted in me missing my connecting flight to Manchester. This did mean that I had to purchase a new flight, but it also meant having 24 hours in Madrid. (A … Continue reading HOW TO VISIT MADRID IN 1 DAY

Tenerife Holiday – An Escape to Summer

Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations British travellers visit, according to TripAdvisor. As a result of this, there are many connotations attached to Tenerife and what tourists expect when visiting. Essentially, that Tenerife is a beach tourist trap for Brit’s.  Rachel, a lovely Brit who tends to steer away from your typical Brit … Continue reading Tenerife Holiday – An Escape to Summer

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