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  • Egypt It’s Time To Visit

    Egypt was actually one of the places that eight-year-old me dreamed about visiting, next to Paris. I vividly remember sitting in a library reading about this desert land and being mesmerized by the pictures. The idea of visiting the pyramids, seeing mummies, walking Iike an Egyptian (Which now I know is walking with purpose but… Read more

  • Slovakia For Solo Women Travelers

    While working in Austria, I indulged my wanderlust, searching for nearby destinations on a world map, reminiscent of my former nomadic lifestyle. Balancing my work trip with a touch of my adventurous nature felt like a perfect complement. As a former full-time traveler, I’ve come to understand that the pursuit of new adventures continues, even… Read more

  • City Break To Banska Stiavnica From Bratislava

    Banska Stiavnica is a beautiful former mining town that lies among the hills in the center of Slovakia. By exploring the old town, it is no surprise to know that it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. One can also understand why so many people like myself will go on a city break to Banska… Read more

  • Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit

    Trnava, often dubbed the “Slovak Rome,” is a town steeped in history and religious significance. Its ancient city walls encircle a remarkable collection of 11 churches and why this city in Slovakia has been nicknamed, “Little Rome”. During my visit to Slovania as a Latina solo traveler I was excited to explore more than just… Read more

  • Woman’s Travel Handbook To Bratislava

    The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, serves as an incredible introduction to the country. It offers the perfect blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy. Its enchanting old town, adorned with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings, seamlessly mix with a lively atmosphere fueled by eclectic bars, cozy cafes, and a remarkable castle overlooking the cityscape. You… Read more

  • Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

    I learned about the existence of Montenegro by a bus driver I met in Munich, Germany last year at my hostel. He couldn’t stop raving about how Montenegro travel was a “must visit” and from the pictures he shared with me, I could agree that it was a lovely place. Given the proximity from Croatia,… Read more

  • Traveling With A Smile – Latina Travel Stories

    Aside from traveling with a smile on my face, I have been journaling during this trip and from time to time I have been so moved to write my thoughts quickly. I feel that only at that moment may I truly grasp what I’m thinking, feeling etc. This usually results in people wondering why I’m… Read more

  • Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies

    Let me unveil the top Slovakian culinary delights that await visitors in Slovakia. The selection in this Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies is a culmination of the country’s unique gastronomic gems during my Latina solo travel visit to Slovakia. Each food and drink item in this article encapsulates the rich tradition and history… Read more

  • Canada Nice For Latina Travelers: Toronto and Montreal

    Canada, you’re like the guy who’s always been there, always waiting for their chance to show me how amazing you are. I’ve traveled to so many places, lived in Chicago my whole life, a place that is so close to you and somehow never made it a point to visit you. I’m sorrey and ashamed… Read more

  • Phuket Bucket List – 5 Must Do Guide

    Is Phuket on your bucket list? Have you been dreaming to visit Thailand? This is the year to move Phuket off the travel bucket list and start creating an exclusive Phuket bucket list of things to do, things you want to eat and places you’d like to see while on your vacation here. Don’t worry,… Read more

  • Nordic Vibes: Finland Destination Ideas

    This Nordic vibes: Finland destination ideas provides you with cities to visit in Finland. Visiting the Nordic cities of Tampere and Helsinki in Finland promises an unforgettable experience. Expect to be filled with unique cultural immersion opportunities for travelers. Tampere, renowned as the sauna capital of the world, offers a distinct sauna culture and beautiful… Read more

  • Helsinki Attractions For A Short Visit

    Helsinki attractions for a short visit: Ready to make the most of your 3-day Helsinki trip? I’ve got you covered with all the must-see attractions, tours, and quick navigation tips to ensure you soak up the essence of this Nordic capital in no time. Experience the local vibe by hitting a public sauna, just like… Read more

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