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  • 10 Finnish Treats For Latina Foodies

    Can someone truly say they visited a country without embarking on a mouthwatering journey through their culinary delights? I never miss an opportunity to try a countries local cuisine and Finland offers its fair share of items to add to your must try. This guide makes it easy to narrow down your foodie checklist from… Read more

  • Lithuania Like A Local: Insider Tips For Must-See Places & Experiences

    The chances of a local loving their city or country is only natural. With the invaluable guidance of my friends work colleague and knowledge as female travelers, we were able to see the best places in Lithuania like a local. Better yet, we understood why locals love these cities. Lithuania was the first stop on… Read more

  • Exploring Trakai Perfect Day Trip From Vilnius

    Exploring Trakai perfect day trip from Vilnius is just a short half hour away, where history meets tranquillity in Lithuania’s old capital. A place known for its serene lake, the majestic castle that sits in Pilies Sala island, and the fascinating Karaim people. The Karaim ethnic group thrives in Trakai. You can see their presence… Read more

  • Latina Spa Guide To Druskininkai, Lithuania: Ultimate Relaxation

    Nestled in the heart of Lithuania, Druskininkai, a renowned spa town, warmly welcomes locals, tourists, and Latina visitors alike, offering a rich array of rejuvenating mineral water treatments. This Latina Spa Guide to Druskininkai will reveal how you can unwind during an overnight stay while exploring Lithuania as part of your Baltic vacation. The town… Read more

  • Latina Perspectives On Vilnius: Exploring Lithuania’s Capital

    In ‘Latina Perspectives on Vilnius,’ I venture into the heart of Lithuania with a fresh perspective as I explore Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital. Let me share with you why this city will leave you enchanted as it surprisingly did for me. It’s blend of rich traditions, churches galore and hints of Latin presence with an array… Read more

  • Pata De Chucho – My Latina Traveler Nickname

    Many of you know me as Girl Takes Mundo, but did you know I have a Latin nickname that screams traveler in the Latin language; “Pata de Chucho”. In its literal sense, it means “dog leg”. In Guatemala, it’s a person, similar to a stray dog who roams free in the streets. Fitting for this Latina… Read more

  • Lithuania Foodie Guide

    To discover the traditional cuisine in Lithuania, check out the tasty items in this Lithuania foodie guide below which details what food and drinks you should try. I, personally, tested my collection of recommendations to ensure that only the finest items made it onto my Latina travel blog list below: Lithuania Like A Local Table… Read more

  • Budapest Stays: Latina, Solo, Couple

    For Latina travelers seeking accommodations that promise both comfort and affordability in the heart of Budapest, Budapest Stays: Latina, Solo, Couple offers three standout options. These are places that I, as a fellow traveler, would gladly return to without emptying my wallet. Each of these Budapest stays can tailor an array of travel types and… Read more

  • Latina Taste-Test: Budapest’s Best Restaurants

    Budapest, a city bursting with character and history, serves up a culinary experience like no other. Latina travelers, exploring Hungarian cuisine is an exciting journey that’s as hearty as it is flavorful, which is why I had to build out this “Latina Taste-Test: Budapest’s Best Restaurants” list. From the world-famous goulash to mouthwatering chimney cakes,… Read more

  • Bath Time in Budapest: 4 Exquisite Thermal Spas To Visit

    Bath Time in Budapest is not just a ritual; Hungary’s world-famous thermal baths offer a serene blend of history and relaxation which is deeply ingrained in Hungarian culture. When in Budapest, a visit to one of its iconic thermal baths is an absolute must. While there are numerous thermal spas to choose from in Budapest,… Read more

  • 15+ Female Traveler Approved Budapest Attractions

    Female travelers and beyond are in for a treat with this curated list of 15+ traveler approved Budapest attractions. Whether you’re drawn to history, the great outdoors, rejuvenating in thermal baths, or just in search of pure fun, this carefully curated selection offers a delightful mix of options. What makes Budapest truly special is its… Read more

  • Latina-Friendly Budapest Adventure: A Guide for Travelers

    Until visiting Budapest I thought the slogan, “Budapest is the BudaBEST” was all hype. I heard it was the new Prague and from visiting Prague, I was sold on Prague. Naturally, I came to Budapest a bit sceptical. While the city itself provides a beautiful backdrop for any Latina-Friendly Budapest Adventure, it’s the people I’ve… Read more

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