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  • 13 Must Visit Attractions In Manchester

    Delve into this 13 must visit attractions in Manchester that captivates this city’s true shine. From the Northern Quarter’s hipster energy to the thunderous excitement of Manchester City Football Stadium for sports enthusiasts. Can’t miss the historical gems like the Manchester Museum, or Chettam’s Library. Living here, I can vouch that exploring Manchester brings a… Read more

  • Scottish Road Trip: Epic Scotland Escapes

    What’s the best way for a traveling nomad and Latina travel blogger like myself to be welcomed to the new city she will call “Home” you ask? Immediately, going on holiday of course! More precisely a Scottish road trip: Epic Scotland Escapes. I couldn’t resist partaking in my first bank holiday (AKA what people in… Read more

  • Latina Expat Manchester Night Out Guide

    Get ready to amplify your Manchester adventure with the “Latina Expat Manchester Night Out Guide,” fellow night crawlers! Renowned for more than just football, this city’s music scene pumps with legendary beats and iconic venues. Thanks to this, it creates a vibrant backdrop for unforgettable nights in this city. For the cocktail connoisseurs among us,… Read more

  • Latina Expat Manchester Travel

    After falling in love with Manchester, I’ve made it my casita and home. As an Latina expat in the UK and staying true to my Latina Travel blogger ways, I’ve discovered hidden gems and immersed myself in the local culture. From attending concerts and jumping on ale trails to celebrating birthdays with my newfound English… Read more

  • Latina Expat Manchester Food Guide

    As a Latina travel blogger, I know far too well how important local insights and delicious food can bring to life a city. As a lucky resident of Manchester, I’m thrilled to spill the beans (and the sauces) on why this city is a paradise for your palate with my Latina Expat Manchester Food Guide.… Read more

  • Discover the Best Real Ale Trail: Manchester Unforgettable Route

    Have you heard of the Real Ale Trail 🍺 in the UK? For those who haven’t, the Ale Trail started as a marketing scheme in the UK. Initially, the aim was to promote tourism to rural areas in the UK and encourage people to visit a series of pubs close to rail stations along a… Read more

  • Travels In The UK: England Weekend Trips

    After months of calling myself a travelling nomad and returning to a more “normal” life, I planted roots in Manchester, England. I quickly discovered that the sense of adventure, the need to see new places doesn’t vanish. It’s why the weekends have become the time when I plan England Weekend trips. It’s the best way… Read more

  • Eat, Pray, Love – My Travel Luv Story

    Have you ever seen someone kick and scream as they fell in love? Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Chris, also known as “Girl Takes Mundo”. I’m the girl whose intention for traveling was NOT to end up on some Eat, Pray, Love journey. And here I am, ready to share with you… Read more

  • Solo Traveling Love Lessons

    My Latina solo traveling love lessons took a short pause as I made my return to the states. All in the name of “love”. Let’s be clear, not love for me but for some of my dearest friends, Christine and Alex. They married their respective loves. In hindsight, I must love Christine as I had… Read more

  • Puerto Rico – Visit & Discover

    After 61 countries, claiming Puerto Rican food as one of my favorite cuisines (and the hardest to find anywhere outside of the USA / Puerto Rico), or how easy it is to visit Puerto Rico as an American. Being a Latina travel blogger, I felt surprised that I hadn’t yet explored this captivating island. This… Read more

  • Weekend City Break – 3 Days Visiting Bath, Stonehenge & Castle Combe

    Remember that time when travel bans caused travel disruptions? For me, it meant getting my travel fix close to home. Happy for me, I live in England, and despite it being small, it is full of beautiful places to explore. Don’t believe me? See my weekend guide for visits in England HERE. This is how… Read more

  • UK & US Staycation Dreaming

    Sometimes traveling abroad can be difficult, sometimes our travel budget doesn’t allow for far destinations but sometimes, we really need a vacation. These are UK & US staycation ideas if you want to travel but not leave too far from home. I had my fill of staycations visitng various areas of England during Covid and… Read more

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