9 Best Places In Guatemala

In my original sabbatical that was supposed to only be 6 months my final destination ended where it all started. The first real country outside of the US that I’ve ever visited. My motherland, AKA where both my parents were born, Guatemala. Where this Latina Blogger got her passion for travel. The place I call home, despite where I was born. Guatemala, has contributed to the shaping of my culture, my traditions and who I am as a solo Latina travel blogger. I’m ready to finally share the best of Guatemala. While there are more than 9 Best Places In Guatemala, I tried to narrow this down. These are places I as tourist and travel blogger think other fellow tourists would enjoy.

Is Guatemala Worth Visiting

I can’t stress enough, visit Guatemala!!! It’s absolutely worth it. I know I may be bias but even those who have been and hear I’m from Guatemala, can’t rave enough. So now, let an almost local, share her 9 Best Places In Guatemala. This includes the things to do in Guatemala and the top Guatemalan landmarks.

This 9 Best Places In Guatemala sightseeing guide includes:

Plan Your Visit








If renting a car isn’t something you want, or can do, then fear not. There are many shuttle companies that can take you to your next stop in Guatemala. These aren’t chicken buses and go to the must see cities in Guatemala. These can be easily booked at tourist agencies or in your hostel itself. From Antigua to the airport, for example, I took GuateGo shuttle service and they were very good.


Uber operates in Guatemala, with larger cities having a higher chance of finding an Uber ride. Fortunately, tuk-tuk’s are always available in smaller towns for transport.

Rent A Car

Depending on the number in your group, renting a car may be a cheaper option than taking shuttles in Guatemala. Especially if you want to see the 9 best places in Guatemala. The freedom to hop and go. Travel at your own pace. Make as many stops as you wish to your next destination. This is what makes road tripping and renting a car a big plus and far more comfortable than a shuttle

Driving Tips: 
  • Ensure you rent a car that is automatic or semi-automatic. This will help to get you through bad roads, steep roads or roads that don’t look like roads.
  • Night comes sooner in Guatemala as less light posts have been placed in cities outside of the capital. Its recommended to only drive during the day.
  • Have a GPS for navigation. Locals live by Waze and its what we used during our last trip. Maps.me may also help if you don’t have data. Many locals will steer you against using google maps as routes offered aren’t ideal. (From experience, using Google maps is not the way to go.)
  • Having someone that speaks some Spanish will be a big plus if you need to ask for directions etc.

9 Best Places In Guatemala To Visit


Being from Guatemala and having made numerous trips to Antigua, it’s truly amazing to see how much of a tourist magnet Antigua has become. Every time I visit, there’s always something fresh and exciting to discover. Antigua, the former capital of Guatemala, is an absolute must-visit city for all you globetrotters out there.

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La Capital – Guatemala City

The capital of Guatemala is like any other city. Plenty of commerce, array of neighborhoods from the poorest to the most upscale . Guatemala City offers a wide range of cuisine options as well. To my family, this is a stop over city. See family, pick up our rental car and catching flights. We did manage to squeeze a day in the city, where we checked out the spots below.

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Rio Dulce & Livingston

An up and coming tourist location. It’s starting to appear more and more in travel blogs and recommended cities to visit in Guatemala.

If there wasn’t another reason to visit Rio Dulce, it is ideally located to many other great places in Guatemala. Such as Livingston, Puerto Barrios and Belize. It’s only a hop and skip away and you can get there by bus shuttle or boat.

The complete destination guide on Guatemala City can be found below.
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9 Best Places In Guatemala

Experience the thrill of adventure in Coban, Guatemala: your gateway to eco-tourism wonders and breathtaking landscapes. Expect to see waterfalls, hike through lush forests, and immerse yourself in the local culture for a truly authentic experience through the central highlands of Guatemala.

Base yourself in Coban or use this city as a stopover city. This full blog post shares the best highlights.
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Lanquín Semuc Champey

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Guatemala’s untamed wilderness at Semuc Champey, a captivating destination nestled deep within lush jungles. Whether you seek heart-pounding thrills or peaceful tranquillity, this hidden gem offers majestic waterfalls, emerald natural pools, and daring cave expeditions that will leave you breathless.

Visit for yourself Semuc Champey & see my full blog post to plan your visit.
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Lake Atitlan 

The Mayan towns around Lake Atitlan (Lago de Atitlan) are a Guatemalan Tourist MUST VISIT. Lake Atitlan, the massive body of water in a volcanic crater is surrounded by 12 unique Mayan villages to be exact with more popping up due to the attraction of the location. It’s worth adding to your bucketlist and be blown away for yourself.

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El Paredon

Discover the hidden surfing gem of El Paredon in Guatemala, an up-and-coming destination that promises unforgettable experiences. From its mesmerizing black sand beaches to world-class surf breaks, this coastal paradise offers a tranquil escape.

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Lago Amatitlan offers a picturesque escape for those seeking to explore more of the country on a day trip. The lake and its surroundings provide a tranquil setting that allows visitors to immerse themselves in Guatemala’s natural beauty. You can also enjoy a peaceful setting from the bustling city life.

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Nestled in Guatemala’s captivating highlands, Quetzaltenango beckons tourists with its vibrant urban charm and stunning natural beauty. It’s the second largest city in the country. It offers a rich blend of Mayan and Spanish colonial heritage in its historic center. While nearby hot springs, volcanoes, and a beautiful lagoon provide an enchanting escape for road trippers. It’s perfect for those seeking a memorable stop over on their journey.

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9 Best Places In Guatemala Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map


This handy Girltakesmundo Guatemala Google Map lists the top 55+ locations in Guatemala. This includes restaurants, attractions, bars, coffee shops, etc. and has even more tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps when you visit the 9 best places in Guatemala.


Life really does have a way of changing things for you. You may have a plan, life has another. In Bolivia, I recall discovering a Guatemalan flag in the collection of flags near the salt hotel.

I proudly stood holding the flag as I took a picture #forthegram. Figured, I would use this picture to invite my “followers” to join me in Guatemala. Show whoever wanted why I love this country, Make them love Guatemala too. Colombia happened (See HERE) and this picture and this invite never made it on Instagram. Little did I know there would be somebody joining me in Guatemala. Years later, we returned as a family. Exploring even more beautiful gems that I can share with my amazing readers, you!

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