Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure

Central Highlands: Semuc Champey & Lanquin

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Guatemala’s untamed wilderness. The lush jungles of Guatemala cradle Semuc Champey and Lanquin. Located in the central highlands, this captivating destination has become a cherished hot spot for both thrill-seeking backpackers and those looking for serene and tranquillity. Semuc Champey & Lanquin are nature and adventure, all wrapped into one.

Roads may not be the smoothest but the beauty of this hidden gem is worth every bump along the way.

Here you will witness nature’s magnificence from a majestic waterfall, a series of emerald natural pools and embark on daring cave expedition. The natural wonders of Semuc Champey will leave you breathless.

This is what you can expect to find in this Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure article below:

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Semuc Champey Travel Tips

Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure
Money Accepted: Cash is king especially in Semuc Champey as this is a smaller village in Guatemala. They also only have 1 ATM in the town and electricity could go out from time to time.
Safety In Semuc Champey Guatemala: Lanquin, the nearest town to Semuc Champey is safe and you should have no issues while here.
Friendly To Tourists: People are friendly in both Lanquin and Semuc Champey. The kids that hang out near the caves are very charming and will impress you with the languages they know.
How Far Is Semuc Champey To Guatemala City: 6 hour drive from Guatemala City.
Ways To Get To Semuc Champey Lanquin:Shuttle –  There is an affordable shuttle from Antigua to Lanquin. Book this HERE.

Car Rental – We opted to rent a car and drove to Coban. From there we took a one hour chicken bus to Lanquin as the roads to Lanquin are not the best. Book your rental HERE
Length Of Stay: To explore Semuc Champey and Lanquin in Guatemala, I would recommend 3 days.

Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure Must Do Tour

Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure

Zephyr Lodge organized this 1-day tour directly, but you can also book it online through Viator HERE. I can’t rave enough about this trip. At 9 am, someone will pick you up and you will experience riding like a local on the trunk of a pickup truck.It’s all part of this “cultural experience”. It’s fun to ride on the bed of a pick up truck but NOT if you are hungover. Thankfully for me – after the hungover trek in Nicaragua for volcano boarding – I learned my lesson.

Once you arrive at Semuc Champey, you can enjoy a day filled with amazing activities, including:

  • A 40 minute hike to the viewpoint to take in the natural made pools
  • Visit the waterfall and if you’re up for the swim, go through the waterfall for another stunning view point,
  • Swinging in the river
  • Jumping off a bridge
  • 2 hours in the natural pools
  • Cave exploration, my favorite part of this trip. We explored these dark cave systems with only candles and jumped off ledges.

The lodge provided a tour that does not include lunch. You can order a lunch box via Zephyr Lodge or pick the buffet lunch at Semuc Champey. The buffet lunch is worth it even for a vegetarian like myself. FYI, tour by Viator does include lunch.

After a day of activities you certainly bond with your group. The lodge offers you a beer upon your return to help kickstart the night at the lodge.

See more things worth checking out while in Semuc Champey HERE.

Top Accommodation Options In Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey & Lanquin: Nature & Adventure

Zephyr Lodge – Tab system lodge in an amazing location with an infinity pool that adds to the stunning views. If you’ve seen pictures of Lanquín I’m certain you’ve seen pictures of this lodge. People consider Zephyr Lodge a party hostel, but if you don’t feel like joining the action, you can find plenty of serene places within the lodge.

FYI: You can directly book activities through the lodge. Their credit card reader may at times not work so bring cash. If and when, there is no electricity in the small town, the 1 ATM will not work. Oh, and keep in mind that they play a notorious dice game at the bar. If you lose, you pay for the shots of everyone who played the game.

Lanquin is the town where most visitors stay when they visit Semuc Champey.

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