Coban Guatemala Adventure Awaits

Coban, Guatemala: Adventure Awaits

In Coban, Guatemala adventure awaits. With its strategic location, it is the perfect stopover city for adventurers en route to Semuc Champey and beyond. Known for its eco-tourism, Coban offers breathtaking landscapes and wildlife.

This vibrant city serves as a gateway to thrilling outdoor activities in the central highlands. For those who have time, Coban can be a perfect place to base yourself. Expect to hike through lush forests, discover waterfalls and immerse yourself in Coban’s local culture.

Take a peek at what you will find in this Coban travel guide:

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Coban Travel Tips

Money Accepted: Cash is king in Guatemala and Coban is no exception.
Safety In Coban Guatemala: While we did see a fight among locals in Coban, none of the violence was directed toward tourists. Thus, I would not worry too much.
Friendly To Tourists: Coban certainly has a more local feel as you hardly see any tourists. This means you may be stared at a bit more. Regardless, people are friendly and just more curious about you.
How Far Is Coban To Guatemala City: 4 hour drive from Guatemala City, without traffic.
Ways To Get To Coban:Car Rental – Renting a car is the go-to option to get to Coban without long shuttles or busses. Book your rental HERE

Shuttle –  Shuttles are available to Coban from many of the high traffic tourist cities in Guatemala like Lake Atitlan and Antigua. Check the travel agencies in these cities for the latest schedule times and costs.
Length Of Stay: We used Coban as a stopover city to break the long journey from Rio Dulce to Lanquín. To see a few of the activities mentioned below, I would recommend 2 days. If you base yourself here to explore the central highlands, I would recommend 5 days.

Coban Guatemala Attractions

Cuevas Candelarias – Caving and tubing. See more HERE.
Check out Las Concha – Waterfalls
El Biotopo Del Quetzal – Only place to see the national bird, El Quetzal. La Monja Blanca, another typical bird known in Guatemala can be found here too.

Book this tour HERE. It’s a good day trip idea from Coban.
Explore Rey Marcos Caves. Mayan’s believed these caves were the entrance to a spiritual world and indigenous communities still perform ceremonies here. Book this unique cultural tour that includes a visit to as Verapaces forest HERE.
Coffee lovers, this one is for you. Visit a Coffee Plantation + an Orchid Sanctuary.

This is a good tour that combines both HERE.
Visit Lanquin & Semuc Champey.

We were advised by the hotel staff that the road to Lanquín and in our car wasn’t a good idea. Decided to listen to them based off some of the roads we had already been on. It was not only easy get to the bus station and on a bus to Lanquín. Arrived in about an hour to our hostel.

Read my full destination guide on what you can see, do and stay in Semuc Chmpey & Lanquin HERE.

Coban Guatemala Accommodation Options

Hotel Don Juan Matalbatz – Another lovely stop over place. Clean bedrooms with shared bath in a central location in Coban. Additionally, staff are very helpful and informative. They even let us keep our rental car here while we went to Lanquín. Free of charge since we stayed here.

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