Your Comprehensive Amatitlan Travel Guide: Uncover the Hidden Gems of Guatemala

Embark on an enchanting adventure just a short 45-minute drive away from the bustling cities of Antigua and Guatemala City, and uncover the hidden wonders of Amatitlan, Guatemala. Known for its captivating beauty and cultural treasures, Amatitlan offers a perfect escape for travelers yearning to experience more of Guatemala without venturing too far. Whether you’re seeking Amatitlan tourist information, wondering if Amatitlan is worth visiting, looking for Amatitlan travel tips, or searching for a comprehensive Amatitlan travel guide, this article promises to exceed your expectations.

Amatitlan is a destination that shouldn’t be missed and an ideal addition to your itinerary if you have extra days in your trip or find yourself revisiting the remarkable country of Guatemala.

Explore Amatitlan in Guatemala using this Amatitlan travel guide that covers:

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Amatitlan 1-Day Travel Itinerary

Amatitlan Travel Guide
Breakfast/Brunch: Restaurante Entre Montanas, is a must try if visiting Amatitlan, Guatemala. It’s no wonder we came coming back during our stay here and will gladly return if we return. The waitress in the morning was the sweetest, their food was delicious and the view of the lake is pretty. (Dinner and bar service available too!)

ORDER: The traditional breakfast, horchata de almendra and toritlas with queso – yummy!
Lake Amatitlan: Escape the city and stroll around this tranquil lake.
Santa Teresita Spa: Relax and rejuvenate with a spa, Here you will be able to pamper yourself with high-quality treatments and service, all at a significantly lower cost compared to other luxury spas.
Dinner: Return to the lake near “Parque Amatitlan” and grab dinner at one of the many food stalls open and serving local cuisine.

Getting Around 

🚖 Uber

Uber operates in Guatemala, with larger cities having a higher chance of finding an Uber ride. Fortunately, due to its proximity to Guatemala City, Amatitlan benefits from easier access to Uber rides. While wait times may be slightly longer and some drivers may ask about your destination and cancel, Uber is certainly a viable option in Amatitlan. The best part is that you know the exact fare in advance, eliminating the need for haggling/price bargaining.

🚌 Bus

As I mentioned above, shuttles aren’t available to Amatitlan but regular public transport busses, commonly known as “Chicken buses” are available from cities like Antigua and Guatemala City.

🚗 Car

Rent a car using, it’s the most convenient way to travel around Guatemala, especially Amatitlan. Since this town is not as popular as cities like lake Atitlan or Antigua, there are no regular organized shuttles. It’s also really easy to book online, collect at the airport and drop off.

 Drive Times: 45 min drive from Antigua / 36 min drive from Guatemala City

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Amatitlan Travel Tips

Money Accepted: Cash is king but more tourist establishments and bigger shops will accept card.
Safety In Amatitlan Guatemala: Amatitlan is safe to visit but it does get quite dark at night and not recommended to walk, for risk of cars not seeing you in the road as some areas do not have sidewalks.
Friendly To Tourists: Guatemalans are known to be very friendly people and the humble locals of Amatitlan do not stay behind. Say hello, smile and I can assure you that you will be reciprocated.
Costs To Visit: For tourists, Amatitlan is cheap to visit. Dinner for 2 with drinks in a mid range restaurant will go for $20 USD per person and our full spa package that included a massage was $50 USD per person.
Length Of Stay: To explore Amatitlan in Guatemala, I would recommend 2 days if you want to enjoy more outdoor activities like climbing and kayaking lake Amatitlan but it is also very easy to make this a day trip and enjoy the city.

Top Things To Do In Amatitlan

Santa Teresita Hotel & Spa Thermal – The perfect treat, an indulging spa day. This beautiful thermal water spa & hotel offers various spa packages and day passes while visiting Amatitlan. 

🧖🏽‍♀️ Spa packages include: massages, thermal circuits, towel hire and smoothies. 
🎟️ Day pass includes: access to the various pools and/or thermal circuit. 
Lago Amatitlan – Lago Amatitlán is a serene lake that offers breathtaking views. Although swimming in the water is not recommended due to pollution concerns, visiting the lake is still a great experience.

Don’t miss out on exploring the food stalls that sit along the lake near the city centre. Particularly “Comedor Elenita”, where you can indulge in delicious local cuisine. It’s worth noting that during the week, many establishments close early, so the best time to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and culinary delights is during the lunch period but you will still fond a few restaurant/bars open during the late afternoon.
Lost And Found Guatemala – Lost and Found Guatemala in Amatitlán offers a wide range of thrilling activities such as scaling breathtaking cliffs by rock climbing and trekking through scenic trails and explore the stunning natural landscapes of the region on a guided hike.
Kayak Amatitlan – Despite the water conditions not being suitable for swimming, visitors to Amatitlan can still kayak the stunning Lago Amatitlan. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler, rental equipment can be easily obtained by reaching out to your accommodation provider or by visiting the Federación de Remo y Canotaje.

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