Amsterdam Travel Foodie Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Amsterdam Travel Foodie Guide! As a seasoned traveler and self-proclaimed foodie, I have personally scoured the streets of Amsterdam, indulging in its culinary wonders for this special guide. Through multiple visits, recommendations from fellow travelers, and tapping into my local contacts, I have curated a handpicked selection of the city's best … Continue reading Amsterdam Travel Foodie Guide

Amsterdam Venice Of The North: 12 Charms Travel Guide

Visiting Amsterdam, Venice of the north is great because it offers a unique blend of culture, history, and a vibrant atmosphere with its beautiful canals, charming architecture, and world-renowned museums. If all of the above sounds like music to your ears, then this Amsterdam Travel Guide: 12 Charms of the Venice of the North will … Continue reading Amsterdam Venice Of The North: 12 Charms Travel Guide

Marrakech Weekend For Couples – 3 Day Activity Guide

Upgrade date night, break from routine or simply create memories together. Use this Marrakech weekend for couples activity guide for a 3-day romantic escape into a culture and picturesque holiday. I hash tagged this weekend, #RomanticMarrakechWeekend. A bit tongue and cheek as Stefan and I aren't your typical romantic type. I suppose I wanted to … Continue reading Marrakech Weekend For Couples – 3 Day Activity Guide

The Morocco Backpacker Trail

Join the Morocco Backpacker Trail. Morocco attracts over 10 million tourists per year. This means it’s more touristy than many people expect. Being close to Europe, it truly is a culture getaway into an Islamic country and culture.  Many may experience a culture shock here. Luckily for me and my splendid time in Egypt with … Continue reading The Morocco Backpacker Trail

A Weekend In Tampere

Did you know that the sauna capital of the world is in the middle of one of the most beautiful Finnish Lakelands? A weekend in Tampere is a great winter destination in Finland. It was an easy sell to visit Tampere, with a dear friend living here. Bring on the girlfriend reunion! If a friend isn't your … Continue reading A Weekend In Tampere

Conquering Bilbao in 8 Hours

Conquering Bilbao in 8 Hours is doable! Bilbao, the former industrial city of northern Spain has had a modern day renaissance by becoming a great destination for art and food among other things. Naturally a long 8 hour layover with it’s convenient 15 minute bus ride into the city made Bilbao an ideal place to … Continue reading Conquering Bilbao in 8 Hours

How To Organize A Eurotrip – Information & Example Itineraries

Edinburgh Scotland Basel Switzerland Salzburg Austria The question, "How To Organize A Eurotrip" is one that I am asked a lot because I, A) love to travel & B) live in Europe. While I love living in Manchester, I am also mindful it's not on the top of people's list when planning a trip to … Continue reading How To Organize A Eurotrip – Information & Example Itineraries

Visiting Chicago Like A Local – Sweet Home Chicago

Having a local guide helps you really explore a country/city to its fullest and so, no travel blogger could fully call themselves a travel expert if they can't do this in their own city. Consider This My Ultimate Guide For Visiting Chicago Like A Local!!! A question EVERY traveler will ask each other is, "Where … Continue reading Visiting Chicago Like A Local – Sweet Home Chicago

Easy Trips From Chicago

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to explore other sights and cities near Chicago? Exploring more cities while on vacation doesn't have to be a hassle. These are easy trips from Chicago which can be combined with your visit. Taking short flights or car trips to nearby destinations like Detroit and Canada … Continue reading Easy Trips From Chicago

Tourist Worthy Attractions In Chicago

As a local of Chicago and world traveler, I can confidently say that regardless of when you visit, there are plenty of tourist worthy attractions in Chicago. From stunning architecture to world-renowned museums and events, the Windy City is full of culture and fun. Even locals find these tourist worthy attractions in Chicago worth visiting. … Continue reading Tourist Worthy Attractions In Chicago