Puerto Rico – Visit & Discover

After 61 countries, claiming Puerto Rican food as one of my favorite cuisines (and the hardest to find anywhere outside of the USA / Puerto Rico), or how easy it is to visit Puerto Rico as an American. Being a Latina travel blogger, I felt surprised that I hadn't yet explored this captivating island. This … Continue reading Puerto Rico – Visit & Discover

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel

Beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel, may not have been the words to describe this war-torn country during their years of war. The war may be why tourists hesitate to visit when exploring Balkans, but there is a lot more to discover from this inspiring and enchanting country. My intentions when visiting was to debunk my … Continue reading Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel

Albania Backpacking

When you think of an Albania trip, you may imagine thoughts of the quintessential Eastern Europe that many western countries have been fed via movies, television, social media, etc. (Think, Borat.) Admittedly, I suppose, that I too expected and secretly wanted to experience this during my Albania Backpacking trip but Albania simply wasn't that. It … Continue reading Albania Backpacking

North Macedonia AKA Macedonia – A Must Visit

Some will call this enchanting country "North Macedonia", others simply "Macedonia", and officially the country goes by "Republic of North Macedonia". Regardless of the name, (because what's in a name after all), Macedonia - A must visit. I encourage you add North Macedonia to your travel bucket list and actually visit. It was the first … Continue reading North Macedonia AKA Macedonia – A Must Visit