Visit sLOVEnia – Why You Should

Traveling and travel blogging can be hard especially when your goal is to post about the last country you visited and during my Girl Takes Mundo Latina solo travel sabbatical was always behind. This was the case with my visit sLOVEnia post which, I wrote this in Ireland, 2 countries behind. What does this make … Continue reading Visit sLOVEnia – Why You Should

Flight Travel Check List Every Passenger Should Follow

Many of us were forced to stay home in lockdown having our much desired or much needed travel plans paused or canceled. With travel bans in place and covid travel restrictions in countries, the travel industry really took a hit but thankfully, travel has resumed and the travel industry is back! The reality is that … Continue reading Flight Travel Check List Every Passenger Should Follow

Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

Remember roadtrips? I almost forgot how easy it is to travel with a vehicle especially when the vehicle doubles as a home. This article goes into all top campervan tips tricks & essentials when planning your ultimate roadtrip adventure. Traveling using a Camper van is by far the best and most cost-efficient way to travel … Continue reading Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

City Sightseeing On Electric Scooters – Tips

Who else likes City sightseeing on electric scooters đź›´? It is an easy way to up level your city sightseeing and quickly becoming a favorite for tourists looking to other means of transportation when exploring new cities. Electric scooter hires have popped up in cities all across the globe including ZĂĽrich in Switzerland (pictured above). Hiring … Continue reading City Sightseeing On Electric Scooters – Tips

Travel Light Guide

Luggage fees have really hit the bank when planning a holiday. These fees can be anywhere from $25-$60 each way especially when traveling on an economy airline. If you think airlines in America are bad, economy airlines in Europe have even smaller size restrictions. When it comes to carry-on luggage’s making packing a #LifeinaBag and … Continue reading Travel Light Guide

How To Obtain A Second Passport For US Citizens

Any traveling nomad will agree that the best book you could have in your possession is your passport. In a strange way, this simple book represents freedom and a life you love. But what happens when you have to give up your passport and find a way to obtain a second passport? Back in 2018, … Continue reading How To Obtain A Second Passport For US Citizens

Haggling 101 While Traveling

Haggling, bartering or whatever you call it is the custom of negotiating a price for goods. It is an art as old as time. Learn haggling 101 while traveling to get your favorite items at the price you find suitable should be a skill to have. See my all my haggling secrets below. Why Do … Continue reading Haggling 101 While Traveling

How To Work And Travel – At The Same Time

There is always this illusion that those who travel for work have a glamorous life. (Outside of your typical travel bloggers and influencers.) And that they are being able to visit many places thanks to being sent by their employer for work. If you are one of those people that loves to travel, being in … Continue reading How To Work And Travel – At The Same Time

Savvy Travel – How To Organize A Trip In 8 Easy Steps

Learn how to make planning a trip painless and less time consuming for you. Use this ultimate Travel Planner Checklist below which includes all the tips and hacks you will need to organize a trip in 8 easy steps using the best in class travel brands that I use and trust for my adventures. Regardless … Continue reading Savvy Travel – How To Organize A Trip In 8 Easy Steps

Tenerife Holiday – An Escape to Summer

A Tenerife holiday is one of the most popular destinations British travellers visit, according to TripAdvisor. There are many connotations attached to what tourists expect when doing a Tenerife holiday. Essentially, that Tenerife is a beach tourist trap for Brit’s.  Rachel, a lovely Brit who tends to steer away from your typical Brit destinations said … Continue reading Tenerife Holiday – An Escape to Summer