13 Must Visit Attractions In Manchester

Delve into this 13 must visit attractions in Manchester that captivates this city's true shine. From the Northern Quarter's hipster energy to the thunderous excitement of Manchester City Football Stadium for sports enthusiasts. Can't miss the historical gems like the Manchester Museum, or Chettam's Library. Living here, I can vouch that exploring Manchester brings a … Continue reading 13 Must Visit Attractions In Manchester

Latina Expat Manchester Travel

After falling in love with Manchester, I've made it my casita and home. As an Latina expat in the UK and staying true to my Latina Travel blogger ways, I've discovered hidden gems and immersed myself in the local culture. From attending concerts and jumping on ale trails to celebrating birthdays with my newfound English … Continue reading Latina Expat Manchester Travel

Local-Approved NYC Highlights

When is the best time to have a NYC holiday you ask? The “Big Apple”, the “City That Never Sleeps”, is a great destination to visit year round and I should know given my over 8 visits here. Want to get infected with the NYC holiday spirit? You need as little as 3 days for … Continue reading Local-Approved NYC Highlights

Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

I learned about the existence of Montenegro by a bus driver I met in Munich last year at my hostel. He couldn't stop raving about how Montenegro travel was a "must visit" and from the pictures he shared with me, I could agree that it was a lovely place. Given the proximity from Croatia, I … Continue reading Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

6 Best Tip Based Tours In Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia for being a smaller European city has tons of things to do and a lot of it is free. This includes walking tours, bike tours, hiking tours to Vitosha mountain, jogging tours, graffiti tours and even food tours. And did I mention they are all free!!! Of course, these 6 Best Tip Based Tours … Continue reading 6 Best Tip Based Tours In Sofia Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Capital Gem: Sofia Unveiled

As I arrived for my departure flight in Bulgaria I read a sign that read, "Sofia is yours to keep." This quote caught my attention. As I reflected on the message, I knew that it was very accurate. All the memories, the sights, encounters and even the calories, were mine to keep. When someone travels … Continue reading Bulgaria’s Capital Gem: Sofia Unveiled

Why Its Ok To Revisit London

Living in England and having friends in London has meant that visiting London multiple times is expected. For example, in the USA; New York City is my London equivalent. To date I have visited NYC 7+ times and with London I have lost count. Why do I continue to revisit London? Both NYC and London … Continue reading Why Its Ok To Revisit London