Travel Advice – El Salvador Vacations

WHY VISIT El Salvador Fun fact, I’ve been to El Salvador twice...but never properly  Once, on a layover during Christmas time, when I was a child. I remember being thrilled to be in another country but knew that because I didn't leave the airport, I could not include as countries I have visited. (My travel bug … Continue reading Travel Advice – El Salvador Vacations

Carry-on Bag Checklist

While a properly packed luggage is important for traveling, when said #LifeinaBag is checked-in or stored away under a bus or luggage cart, your carry-on bag and it's contents become your next best friend. This carry-on bag checklist is a must, to help you pack smart and efficient. Sharing some of my carry-on essentials in … Continue reading Carry-on Bag Checklist

#LifeinaBag – Luggage Checklist

What To Consider When Packing For A Trip - Luggage Checklist Packing for travel can seem overwhelming even for a compulsive traveler like myself. There are many factors to consider. Such as the length of time, activities, weather, accommodations, if you're traveling alone, in a group, etc. Even factors such as if you are traveling with someone shapes … Continue reading #LifeinaBag – Luggage Checklist

What To See In Malta – Destination Guide

What To See In Malta & Why When friends and family learned my upcoming destination was Malta, I typically received 2 responses; "Where is Malta?" and " What to see in Malta?". My responses to these questions: "Where is Malta?" - "Malta is an island in the Mediterranean sea and next to Italy". This also … Continue reading What To See In Malta – Destination Guide

Favorite Stays In Eastern Europe

The perks of a road trip include being able to visit more locations and in your own time. But it also means being able to sample an array of accommodations as you are "on the road" after all. During my road trip exploring 6 Eastern European countries, I stayed in a lot of accommodations and … Continue reading Favorite Stays In Eastern Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel

Beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel, may not have been the words to describe this war-torn country during their years of war. The war may be why tourists hesitate to visit when exploring Balkans, but there is a lot more to discover from this inspiring and enchanting country. My intentions when visiting was to debunk my … Continue reading Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel

Albania Backpacking

When you think of an Albania trip, you may imagine thoughts of the quintessential Eastern Europe that many western countries have been fed via movies, television, social media, etc. (Think, Borat.) Admittedly, I suppose, that I too expected and secretly wanted to experience this during my Albania Backpacking trip but Albania simply wasn't that. It … Continue reading Albania Backpacking

Complete Spain Country Guide – From Barcelona, Pamplona, Madird, Etc.

For many travelers, the idea of revisiting countries seems a bit wasteful. Especially when there are so many places to visit. I too felt the same way before becoming a traveling nomad and then eventually moving to Europe. Spain has taught me that you can experience the same country in different ways, simply by visiting … Continue reading Complete Spain Country Guide – From Barcelona, Pamplona, Madird, Etc.

12 Must Visit In Dublin – 2 Day Itinerary

When you become a tour guide to a city after only participating in 1 free walking tour, one would think this was impressive. Dublin is that city for me. Regardless of how quickly you can see the top sights in Dublin as I did during my first trip to Ireland, I did a lot of … Continue reading 12 Must Visit In Dublin – 2 Day Itinerary

Bali Travel – Crafted For You

Kites, Buddhist statues lining up the road, Bali I already had a good feeling about you as I left the airport. Just like me, Bali Travel can be crafted to your liking. A thing I have noticed while traveling is that with every city I have begun to not make plans. Maybe it's being lazy, … Continue reading Bali Travel – Crafted For You