5 Must Have Travel Accessories To Make Travel A Breeze 

From my years of traveling and regardless of they type of trip I am doing, I have found that some travel items are always in my luggage or carry-on bag. AKA, I can't leave home without them. Take a peek of my 5 must have travel accessories and discover what makes these essential for any … Continue reading 5 Must Have Travel Accessories To Make Travel A Breeze 

Carry-on Bag Checklist

While a properly packed luggage is important for traveling, when said #LifeinaBag is checked-in or stored away under a bus or luggage cart, your carry-on bag and it's contents become your next best friend. This carry-on bag checklist is a must, to help you pack smart and efficient. Sharing some of my carry-on essentials in … Continue reading Carry-on Bag Checklist

#LifeinaBag – Luggage Checklist

What To Consider When Packing For A Trip - Luggage Checklist Packing for travel can seem overwhelming even for a compulsive traveler like myself. There are many factors to consider. Such as the length of time, activities, weather, accommodations, if you're traveling alone, in a group, etc. Even factors such as if you are traveling with someone shapes … Continue reading #LifeinaBag – Luggage Checklist