Latina Expat Manchester Travel

After falling in love with Manchester, I've made it my casita and home. As an Latina expat in the UK and staying true to my Latina Travel blogger ways, I've discovered hidden gems and immersed myself in the local culture. From attending concerts and jumping on ale trails to celebrating birthdays with my newfound English … Continue reading Latina Expat Manchester Travel

Eat, Pray, Love – My Travel Luv Story

Have you ever seen someone kick and scream as they fell in love? Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Chris, also known as “Girl Takes Mundo”. I'm the girl whose intention for traveling was NOT to end up on some Eat, Pray, Love journey. And here I am, ready to share with you … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love – My Travel Luv Story

Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

Remember roadtrips? I almost forgot how easy it is to travel with a vehicle especially when the vehicle doubles as a home. This article goes into all top campervan tips tricks & essentials when planning your ultimate roadtrip adventure. Traveling using a Camper van is by far the best and most cost-efficient way to travel … Continue reading Campervan Tips Tricks & Essentials

Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

I learned about the existence of Montenegro by a bus driver I met in Munich last year at my hostel. He couldn't stop raving about how Montenegro travel was a "must visit" and from the pictures he shared with me, I could agree that it was a lovely place. Given the proximity from Croatia, I … Continue reading Montenegro Travel: With A Shot Of Rakija

Rapa Nui Affordable Adventure – Easter Island

I don't care what people say Easter Island or as it's originally called, "Rapa Nui" is not Chile and thus why I opted to not include it in my post about Chile. Thus why I chose to craft this Rapa Nui affordable adventure - Easter Island post as a stand alone travel article. Easter Island … Continue reading Rapa Nui Affordable Adventure – Easter Island

Top Things I Miss As A Solo Traveler

I love being a solo traveler. Especially as a Latina traveler. One things is exploring a country as a solo travelr but I'm a woman, doing it alone and a Latina/Person of color. I'm challenging cultural norms and expectations and proving its achievable, rewarding and fun. That's not to say there aren't some top things … Continue reading Top Things I Miss As A Solo Traveler

Explore London – Like A Fine Wine

I wasn't originally going to post about London. I figured what can you really talk about when this is the 4th time in London not counting layovers. You would think you couldn't do much more after your 4th, 5th, etc. time in a city. But with a city like London, great travel friends and local … Continue reading Explore London – Like A Fine Wine