Quetzaltenango Guatemala: A Traveler’s Guide to the Highlands

Quetzaltenango, nestled in the captivating highlands of Guatemala, is a great stopover destination. Whether you’re road tripping through the country or looking for a place to immerse yourself. Quetzaltenango Guatemala: A Traveler’s Guide has it all, from culture and natural beauty.

As the second largest city in Guatemala, it offers a vibrant atmosphere. With a rich blend of Mayan and Spanish colonial heritage. Exploring the historic center is a must, where beautifully preserved buildings and charming streets transport you back in time. But Quetzaltenango’s allure extends beyond its urban charm. Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the surrounding landscapes. Highlights include the rejuvenating hot springs, the awe-inspiring presence of volcanoes, and the breathtaking beauty of the nearby lagoon.

A visit to Quetzaltenango adds depth to your journey through Guatemala. A well-deserved break to cut down a long drive. Making it a perfect stop for those on a road trip adventure.

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Quetzaltenango Guatemala: A Traveler’s Guide Tips

Money Accepted: Quetzaltenango is the second biggest city in the country so in the center, most places will accept card but cash is more preferable.
Safety In Quetzaltenango Guatemala: Quetzaltenango seemed quite safe to walk around in during the day but didn’t get to walk at night so can’t say.
Friendly To Tourists: 100%, so be friendly back. 😀
How Far Is Quetzaltenango To Guatemala City: 4 hour drive from Guatemala City depending on traffic but as mentioned earlier, I would add this as a stop over when visiting Guatemala to break up the drive.
Ways To Get To Quetzaltenango:Shuttle –  I booked GUATEGO shuttle service to/from the airport and they were very reliable and affordable.

Car Rental – Depending on the number in your group and what else you plan to see in Guatemala beyond Quetzaltenango, renting a car may be a cheaper option. Book your rental HERE
Length Of Stay: To explore Quetzaltenango in Guatemala, I would recommend 1-2 days to see the places and do the activities mentioned later in this article.

Quetzaltenango Guatemala: A Traveler’s Guide Attractions

Fuentes Georginas – Hot springs in the highlands of Quetzaltenango
Chocolate Tour
See the Spanish colonial architecture in the central park including a visit of the Quetzaltenango cathedral and the municipal park.
Trek To Chicabal Volcano And Lagoon – See first hand the natural beauty of this volcano.
Experience the Mayan heritage for yourself in this vibrant city that is rooted in tradition. with this tour HERE.
Check out more things to do HERE.

Quetzaltenango Accommodation Options

IXCHEL VILLA – Since we travelled in a large group of 9 we opted to stay in this Airbnb. This comprised of two beautiful homes and includes parking as we rented a car.

If you aren’t traveling in a large group, I would recommend checking out options HERE.

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