Vibrant Paradise El Paredon Guatemala

Located in Guatemala, El Paredon is Guatemala’s beach surf secret that is rapidly gaining recognition as an up-and-coming destination. This vibrant Paradise El Paredon Guatemala has breathtaking black sand beaches and offers a unique and experience for visitors. This coastal paradise offers a captivating experience for those looking to unwind and reconnect with nature.

If that wasn’t enough, El Paredon beach boasts some of the best waves in the region of Guatemala. It is an ideal spot for surfers of all skill levels. The tranquil atmosphere and stunning scenery provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

As word spreads about its beauty incredible surf and eco-tourism, El Paredon is poised to become one of the top destinations in Guatemala. This makes it an enticing option for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

In this El Paredon travel guide you will find the following information below to help plan your own visit:

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El Paredon Tourism Tips

Vibrant Paradise El Paredon Guatemala
Money Accepted: Cash is king here. Also, there is only 1 atm available in the town and caps you to two withdrawals per day.
Is El Paredon Guatemala Safe:El Paredon is very safe and you shouldn’t have any problem.
Friendly To Tourists: El Paredon Guatemala is a quite beach town so people are very humble and welcoming.
How Far Is El Paredon To Guatemala City: 3 hour drive from Guatemala City (2 hours and 20 min from Antigua)
How To Get To El Paredon:Shuttle –  Given its popularity, most shuttle companies due have service from El Paredon to Lake Atitlan, Antigua and vice versa. FYI: Antigua to El Paredon shuttle service may be booked easily, HERE.

Car Rental – Renting a car is also a great option to get to El Paredon as the roads are good and its very easy to get here with a car. Book your rental HERE
Length Of Stay: Since El Paredon Guatemala is a beach town, life moves pretty slow so I would recommend 3-4 days so that you too can do the same. Use this location to slow down, relax and unwind with the beach as your backdrop.

Things To Do In El Paredon Guatemala

Surfing El Paredon beach. Consider doing a surf lesson here is you are a beginner.
Grab breakfast at Cafecito Del Mar. This little cafe is a slice of beach heaven. I highly recommend the acai bowl or overnight oats. Their coffee is really tasty too.
Turtle spotting boat trip. Tour is around 2.5 hours and depending on season you get to see turtles hanging out, laying their eggs in the ocean or the release of baby turtles by local volunteers.
Visit Playa 14 – A cool beach bar serving craft beer from Cerveceria 14 directly on the beach. (Bosque is their sister site in Antigua)

Options include paying for a day pass to enjoy the facilities or dine in the restaurant for free.

I really enjoyed the beer flights and array of food options available.
Paddle board the mangrove or Boca area on a tour. Ideally, during the morning or late afternoon.

If visiting the mangrove, you’ll see a small island village and crab. The Boca area, will have you see firsthand the point where the lake and ocean meet.
Grab dinner at either Restaurant Bella Luna for cheap eats or head to the hotel restaurant of El Tiburon Pacifico for large portions of pasta or pizza.
Do a day trip to Monterico to enjoy the beach or visit the waterpark, Aqua Magic.

El Paredon Guatemala Places To Stay

HOUSE BEACH EVENEZER – A wonderful hotel to stay at if traveling with a group. Staff is friendly and more than willing to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. Located on the main street of the now popular, Playa el Paredon, this hotel offers parking onsite, a pool and restaurant. Do note your stay has to be paid in cash.Also, the one ATM available in the city caps your card after two withdrawals, so plan accordingly. Additionally, planning tours with hotel was a bit confusing with costs and a tad back and fourth but doable.

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