Travel Money – The Best Credit Cards For Travel

The Best Credit Cards For Travel

We all want to find ways to travel more and spend less. I’m here to tell you that you can easily maximizing your travel budget while traveling! Let’s chat travel money and the best credit cards for travel. This article is filled with easy tips to cut travel expenses and make your money go further. This includes how to safely withdraw money abroad & hacks you can do to save on foreign transaction and ATM fees.

Speaking of ATM’s, this has me think of the time that an ATM ate my card in Bolivia. A horror story and next to being sick while traveling can really damper a trip and cost you money. (See my full story HERE)

Being outside of the comforts of home and in a new country, I found the below information on travel money myself learning very quickly how to navigate this situation but become more savvy on all things related to money and traveling which I had to share with you. Passing down my experience and tips in the hope that you can be prepared for even the worst of situations while traveling.

What Is The Best Credit Card For Travel

The trick with credit and debit cards is selecting the best debit and credit card for travel which offers no foreign transaction fees, interest rates or bank fees. As a result, this will help bring costs down while traveling. Shop around for which card has the perks you want.

See below useful articles that compare these credit cards to select the card that is best for you.

Avoid Bank Fees While Traveling

Avoid bank fees. Get a no fee Debit + Credit card. This will save you loads on additional fees especially when traveling.

With a fee card you could be charged to take your money out of an ATM or to use your card and then charged a fee by your bank for taking your money out in another country (AKA those foreign transaction fees)

Money-Saving Hack For Travelers

When making purchases if you are offered to convert the amount to your home currency ALWAYS turn it down. The conversion rates provided by your bank will always be better and will save you money.

More Content On Smart Travel Money Strategies

These additional resources can help with financial planning for travel. The will provide you with additional money saving tips and step by step guides to the most unexpected of scenarios.

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Looking For More Travel rESOURCES

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