Flight Travel Check List Every Passenger Should Follow

Many of us were forced to stay home in lockdown having our much desired or much needed travel plans paused or canceled. With travel bans in place and covid travel restrictions in countries, the travel industry really took a hit but thankfully, travel has resumed and the travel industry is back! The reality is that post pandemic there is a new way to travel as old travel practices are truly a thing of the past. We have transitioned into “How to travel safely post a pandemic”. Since, I have been there and done that, I can assure you that it is indeed safe to travel again. Follow this flight travel check list to start traveling safely and confident without the headaches.

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Flight Travel Check List

1. Research

Do your research of what the rules are for traveling to and from your desired country of choice. Travel restrictions by country and travel bans are different so its essential to be well informed before confirming any travel plans.

  • Do you need a VISA?
  • What countries are allowed to enter?
  • Is there a fee to enter? May this be paid in advance or online?
  • Do you need to provide a negative Covid result upon arrival?
  • Do rules change if you hold a passport from one country but reside in another country? (I for example hold a USA passport but I am a UK resident so rules vary for me based on the country I visit.)
  • Are there restrictions once in the country?

I like to check official government sites as they are the most trusted of sources. Additionally be sure to stay on top of travel rules to and from the country you are visiting including layovers you may be stopping at. I do this a week and then again 2 days before the trip as rules are constantly changing.

2. Book

When booking your ticket be sure to read the fine print and familarize yourself with the ticket rules. Many airlines have altered their policies because of the pandemic but there is always a fine print including how long you can rebook for free, what changes can be made on your booking and refund restrictions. Be sure to read it!

To be on safe side, book a ticket that you can alter without having to pay an extra fee as country rules can change or your own plans change. It may be slightly higher in fare but airlines are being less forgiving these days given all the refunds and canceled flights they had to deal with in the beginning of the pandemic.

And don’t forget to grab travel insurance before your trip to be on the safe side. Check insurance prices at Klook HERE.

3. Embassy

Call the country’s embassy to confirm you are allowed to enter the country. They will be the most informed of travel policies for their country specifically from the country the embassy is in. Additionally, they can direct you to other contacts or provide process details should additional steps be required.

(EXP. Under the U.S. proclamation only U.S. citizens and certain exempt travelers are allowed to enter. After reading the U.S. Embassy in UK’s website I learned that non-U.S. partners and children fall under the exempt list. Since the website did not share what documents or what the process would be needed to enter the U.S. I decided to call the embassy. They were able to confirm the necessary documents and connected me with U.S. customs to confirm as well.)

4. Emails

Airlines have done a fantastic job of preparing passengers for their flight by sharing new airline specific safety measures, forms specific to countries you will be flying to and up to date news regarding your flight. Some of us may not open these emails and worse yet, some of us don’t even read these emails. Start now!

I can’t stress enough that now more than ever you must be sure to open emails sent to you by the airline you are traveling with. Read thoroughly to ensure you are caught up and ready for your flight.

Check-In online in advance to ensure they know you are intending to fly and to get reminded of anything you may have missed or wasn’t shared via email. The amount of times I have heard passengers argue with innocent airline staff about not knowing said form, or said process had to be taken only to be told that they were emailed this information is frustrating, even for me. And yes, said passengers have had delays said to not being prepared.

5. Forms

Complete any travel forms required to enter a country prior to your arrival. With regard to forms, some forms are to be completed online, others must be printed and filled before arrival. Others you fill once you land in the country. Each country will have different forms so be sure to plan in advance to be ensure you have a smooth process during your trip.

6. Masks

If you are still concerned about covid or germs while traveling, ensure you wear a mask during your flight. It is still very normal to see passangers using face maks while traveling. I would recommend disposable masks to be worn during a flight, so include this in your purchase list prior to your trip.

7. Tests

If you are experiencing flu/covid-like symptoms either before and after you trip, get tested. Some countries may still require a negative Covid test if you haven’t been vaccinated. While rare, its safe to check, and may make this step necessary but provides more peace of mind when traveling.

Want to read more about what to expect while traveling including additional resoucres and tips? Click HERE.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

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