Open For Travelers – A Coronavirus Travel Guide Of Where And How To Travel Once Travel Bans Are Lifted


Words like “Coronavirus”, “Covid-19”, “Pandemic”, “Closed boarders” and “Travel bans” have meant the disruption of travel in 2020 and possibly the shift of how we will travel post this virus.

The only passport stamps avid travelers like myself have been collecting have been stamps like “Kitchen”, “Zoom Meeting”, and “Living Room”. It hasn’t been easy for me and I certainly have been feeling caged, taking it day by day and dreaming of travel both in and out of sleep.

That being said, I have gathered some of the best resources I have been using during this pandemic with regard to where to travel during covid. These resources include travel updates for each country and coronavirus travel advice from my personal experience including the relief flight I was on during the peak of the pandemic. BACKGROUND: I found myself stuck in the US when the travel ban was lifted resulting in additional weeks in Chicago then presented with the opportunity to return to Manchester when I was told that UK residents/citizens were being allowed to enter and the US was offering relief flights.

Open For Travelers is the site I have been referencing to check the updates around Corona Virus Travel Restrictions for all countries. It’s updated daily and provides concise information of what travelers will need to enter the country, what restrictions are in place, if travelrs will have to self-isolate or what future plans are being placed for these countries such as dates when travel bans are expected to be lifted.

Top 5 Travel Resources

See some additional resources you should cross check when planning any travel from health sites to current advisories including how to travel without leaving the comforts of home.

  • Travel Health Pro – is the website comprising the travel health resources of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC).
  • Travel Advisory – this interactive world map provides advisory levels for each country including watch out information and U.S. embassy contact details in each country. This map is provided by the U.S. Department of State.
  • Travel From Home – check out these ways you can travel from home thanks to “Finding the Universe” such as virtual museum tours and cooking classes and be sure to use my Girl Takes Mundo Travel Guides to inspire you and help plan your trip when you finally go on holiday.
  • Foreign Travel Advice – Get advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings.
  • – Passport, ticket, face mask and hand sanitizer…check! Great read by full of tips & resources for your post-pandemic travel be it for business or pleasure.
Tips For Traveling Post The Pandemic 

Wondering when it will be safe to travel again? Traveling be it by plane, train or boat may seem daunting since Covid-19 cases are still being reported and countries are beginning to open for business. Read my tips on how to travel safely based off my trip from the United States to the UK amid the peak of the pandemic and my trip to Italy once the travel ban was lifted in Italy.

  • Visit the site of the company you will be traveling with for their rules of traveling with them and the measure they are placing to protect their guests due to Coronavirus.
  • Ensure you know all travel protocols sch as self isolation, travel restrictions, etc. to visit each country.
  • Post Lockdown most countries have amended entry requirements including documentation needed to enter each country. Ensure you are compliant and have all necessary documents ready before traveling.
  • Keep 2 meters aka 6 feet apart of other travelers not in your household especially in queues and when waiting for your belongings such a baggage claim in airports.
  • Wear a mask, bandanna, whatever you have and change it several times on flights over 2 hours.
  • Wash your hands and have hand sanitizer to use regularly while traveling.
  • If on short flights try not to eat in order to limit exposure of your face without a mask or only eat in airports opposed to the plane. I had big meals before my first flight was scheduled to depart and during my layover when I was finally able to grab food. Airlines have also begun to offer wrapped cold meal boxes which I was able to take with me and eat during my layover away from people.
  • Shower the minute you land and do not touch your face or belongings for 24 hours after you get home or if traveling bring disinfecting wipes to wipe your belongings especially the luggage.
  • Wash the clothes you were traveling with immediately after landing.
  • Monitor your symptoms post your trip and contact your health care professional should you see any symptoms that concern you.

Stay safe and see you soon World! – Girl Takes Mundo

Check out pictures of my relief flight during the pandemic below.  

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