Truth about Solo Travelers – We dont travel alone!

A big misconception of a solo traveler is that you are traveling alone. This can’t be farther from the truth. The truth about Solo travelers is that we don’t travel alone! Usually you bump into people while traveling, travel together for a bit and then continue your own paths when the time comes.


You Learn About YAourself.

I learned my fair share about myself when I started solo traveling and even more when I went on my solo female traveling sabbatical. Even today, when I reflect back at my solo travel adventures, I learn even more myself then and now.

Build Your Confidence.

You are one of the bravest, and strongest individuals out there and no one can take that kick ass power from you.

You Get To Do What You Want.

Being a solo traveler gives you the luxury to pick and choose what you want to do and when. More importantly, when you want to be with others and when you don’t.

You Get A Deeper Experience With Your Destination.

It’s hard to explain this but being on your own makes you vulnerable and more open to everything around you. It’s as if each destination you are in, each interaction you have and each experience you do awakens your senses at a deeper level. Why? Because you are deciding your trip, not a group.

You Make A Lot Of Friends.

The friends are the big secret about solo traveling that I have to go more in depth on the truth about Solo travelers community.


As a solo traveler, when you do find people you like traveling with, it’s a BIG deal. Intentionally traveling with another person or group isn’t something you’re use too. Especially, the longer you “solo travel”.

For example, meet my travel wife,, Ronit the creator of She has become my “travel wife” over the years. I’ll travel anywhere with her. Thanks to her, I went back to mixing some group travel into my solo travel plans. And thanks to me, Ronit ventured on her first solo trip in the USA. Yay us!

4 Fun Facts About Solo Trevelers Ronit & I

This sum up our friendship and travel story. These some of our favorite highlights from our reunions all over the world.

  • Ronit & I met in Cambodia back in 2017. We became instantaneous friends. 
  • Since then, she’s visited me in Chicago. I’ve visited her in Israel. We did a 🚐 road trip in Iceland and do annual meet up’s in London.
  • Our favorite travel activities when we’re together is eating our way through a city and doing tons of coffee ☕️breaks. 
  • We’re hoping our upcoming trip will be to Japan.

Who is your favorite travel buddy? Share your story in the comments section.

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