The Best Way To Save On Flight Tickets In 2023 And Beyond

It’s easy to see that I love traveling, that I do it a lot and that I have become an expert on all things travel. I have 68+ countries on my passport after all. This means I take a lot of flights but have found a trick to save on flight tickets that I want to share with you.

As the founder of Girl Takes Mundo, I love inspiring others to travel but more importantly want others to see me and my travel blog as a travel resource for their own vacations, work trips, solo trips, bleisure travel, sabbaticals, family getaways, city breaks, girls weekend, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc. You name the trip style, and I’ve probably done it. 

It’s why I welcome messages from friends, family and followers like the ones in the above image as it shows that travelers’ appetite to explore the world has come back stronger than ever and I’m here for you!

It’s time to share my biggest travel secret and how I afford traveling without breaking the bank. 


With more desire to see the world and experience new places, new travel apps have launched, ready to make booking travel easy. The latest being WayAway, a flight aggregator similar to Skyscanner and Google Flights but with a twist and truly puts money back in your pockets. 

I’ve used Skyscanner, Google Flights, Kiwi and CheapOair in the past to compare and purchase flights but WayAway is the hottest and best flight aggregator in the travel industry today!

Friends, this isn’t just another trip planning app, as there are many places to book all your travel in one place, like the companies mentioned above. But finally, there is a site that gives you cashback regardless of the bank you have. Which means, you earn while you travel!

When hearing about the launch of WayAway early in 2022, I was dying to put this flight aggregator to the test for my own travel and since its launch I have used WayAway to book my visits to Guatemala, El Salvador and Malta. I can’t stop raving about it with those who reach out asking about how to plan/book their own vacations. Why? WayAway gives me cashback when I travel and with how much I travel, it’s no surprise that WayAway has quickly become my go-to travel site. 

Have you heard of WayAway? Have you booked your travel with WayAway?


WayAway is the travel hack that feels illegal to know and even more illegal to share but I simply can’t help myself, especially with my readers who deserve to bask in vacations without this hurting their pockets. 

WayAway is the newest flight aggregator in the market and one of the fastest growing online travel companies offering travelers the best rates to save on flight tickets, get cashback on flights, and many other travel deals. Simply put, WayAway is your metasearch for flights that makes it easy to book travel and earn cashback.

With WayAway’s innovative flight search, all types of travelers are offered some major savings on their upcoming trip. WayAway compares airfare offered by all major US and global airlines and

agencies and finds the best option for specific travel dates. It also goes the extra mile and will show you  alternative dates with lower prices should you have flexibility in your travel. 

If you are looking to save money while traveling, WayAway will show you all the information that travelers need during the ticket selection stage, including

  • Baggage requirements
  • Flight details
  • If your flight with include layovers and overnight flights
  • If luggage recheck will be needed

WayAway truly gives you everything you need to save on flight tickets including offering fair prices and quality customer support. Customer support is really important to me as this is something that many online travel companies are now charging their customers and I believe this should be a given with your flight ticket purchase when booking from their travel site.


Imagine this, getting paid back for booking your trip, using those vacation days or going on that business trip. 

If it couldn’t get any better, WayAway offers a membership plan that helps members save on flight tickets on each trip they book. “WayAway Plus” offers members cashback from plane tickets, accomodation bookings and other travel services. WayAway Plus membership plan usually costs $99.99 a year but currently it’s available at only $49.99  a year, which is less than $5 a month.

The two biggest sells for me with the membership are;

  • Cashback on tickets –  With the membership, your flights are up to 5% cheaper
  • Cashback on hotels  –  You can save up to 10% on your stays using
This return flight with WayAway Plus gives you $32 cashback.

But it doesn’t stop there, you also get cashback for other services such as car rentals, tours and Airhelp for delayed/canceled flights, which are must-haves for any trip. See below what other services are included in the WayAway Plus membership and how much you can save. 

The biggest perk about the WayAway Plus membership and their cashback offer is that you receive your cashback in REAL MONEY!!! 

No Bonus Points

Only real-life dollars. $1 USD cashback = 1 dollar

No Need To Save Up

You can withdraw all your cashback to your PayPal at any time and at any amount.

No Expiration Dates

Your cashback will stay with you until you spend it. It won’t disappear after a certain period of time.

Since you receive real cashback, it can actually be used for anything and everything. You name it! I use it for future travel, naturally.

Want to finally get paid back to travel?
Use my code TP-GIRLTAKESMUNDO to receive 10% off your WayAway Plus Membership & start planning your vacations, work trips, city breaks, etc. using WayAway Plus. 


Not only does the platform provide airline tickets and hotel rooms but they truly feel like your personal online travel concierge. Additional perks of using the WayAway include:

Travel Experts 

With WayAway you will get around-the-clock consultations without having to pay extra, which is a pet peeve of mine when booking flights and being offered customer service at “an extra charge”. Have questions, WayAway Plus can help answer these directly on the site. It’s hands down my favorite feature of the WayAway Plus membership!

They go beyond just consulting on your flight, hotel bookings or if you are traveling with pets or children. No question is silly at WayAway. Contact them 24/7 and they are there for you. See some of the questions I’ve asked with their great responses:

City Experts

We all know local recommendations are the best recommendations one can receive when visiting a new destination and WayAway knows this too. “Cities In A Nutshell” is a feature with WayAway Plus that offers insightful tips and collections to help you know a city in a minute. They show you the best places to stay, go, and see on your vacation, from locals who know the city better than anyone else. This means, you’ll get the most authentic local experiences, eateries and insights to make your trip feel more authentic and convenient. 

save on flight tickets
Cities in a nutshell for Sao Paulo and Paris


As I mentioned earlier, I tested WayAway Plus before sharing with my readers as I never like promoting what I personally have not used myself or do not trust. 

My trips to El Salvador, Guatemala and Malta during the summer of 2022 were all booked using WayAway from start to finish. See what services I booked using WayAway Plus & how much cashback I received for these trips below.

El SalvadorGuatemalaMalta
Flight – One way flight from Chicago to El Salvador. 

$237 USD – $11.85 USD cash back (5%)
Flight – One way flight from Guatemala to Manchester.

$1200 USD – $60 USD cash back (5%)
Flight – Round trip flight from Manchester to Malta.

$980 USD – $49 USD cash back (5%)
Accommodation – 4-night accommodation using (directly on the WayAway site)

$287 USD  – $28.70 USD cash back (10%
Accommodation – 1-night accomodation using (directly using WayAway site)

$17 USD –  $1.70 USD cash back (10%
Accommodation – 9-night accomodation using (directly on the WayAway site)

$1018 USD –  $101.8 USD cash back ( 10%
Tour – Day Trip Tour

$88.33 USD – $5.29 USD cash back (6% Viator)
Transportation – Shuttle Service

$20 USD – $1.20 USD cash back (6% Viator) 
Transportation – Car rental using Rentalcars.

$200 USD – $10 USD cash back (5% Rentalcars) 
Activity – Private boat rental using GetYourGuide.

$250 USD – $20 USD cash back (8% GetYourGuide)
Cashback – $45.84 USDCashback – $62.90 USD Cashback – $180.80 USD

As you can see, my WayAway Plus membership was my one-stop shop as it offered me the best deals on flights, stays, transport and activities and gave me cashback. It’s no wonder why I’m addicted to it!


Use the WayAway Price Map. The WayAway Price Map is another feature on the site I enjoy as it helps inspire me and plan my next adventure. It shows low fares to destinations from the destination you’re in. Try it for yourself today to book that vacation, remote trip or solo sabbatical and save on flight tickets.

save on flight tickets
WayAway Price Map Showing Cheap Flights From Manchester, UK.


In my everlasting quest to continue making travel planning easy, painless and less time consuming for you, I’ve created the ultimate Travel Planner Checklist.

It includes all things you need to book your best trip yet, regardless of the type or style of trip you are booking. Give it a try and be sure to share with friends and family.

Download my FREE Travel Planner Checklist below and lets make planning your next trip easy peasy for you. 

save on flight tickets


Complete the form below and I will gladly assist you in planning your next unforgettable adventure using WayAway. Specialities include itinerary planning, travel booking, business travel and destination consultation services.

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