42+ Hour Birthday Trip Idea: Make the Most of Your Unforgettable Celebration

42+ Hour Birthday Trip Idea

If a Girl Takes Mundo 1.5 year solo sabbatical adventure wasn’t enough, I decided to celebrate my longest birthday ever (up until this point). I know what you are thinking, if a day is only 24 hours then a birthday may only be 24 hours.” I’m here to prove you wrong and inspire you with this 42+ hour birthday trip idea for your upcoming trip around the sun.

How To Celebrate The Longest Birthday

The answer is simple! Travel from one of the farthest point where the day starts toward the farthest point where the day ends. This allows you to have a longer day due to flight schedules, routes, and time zone differences based on your departure and arrival cities.

Long Haul Birthday Routes

These suggested travel routes will result in a very long day and create a unique birthday experience due to a long-haul travel:

  • Australia to California (This is the route I did which resulted in my birthday being 42 hours)
  • New Zealand to Hawaii
  • Singapore to New York
  • Dubai to California
  • Australia to UK
  • Japan to Brazil
  • New Zealand to New York
  • Australia to South Africa

Route Tips:

  • You must start in the first location mentioned in the suggested routes above to experience a longer birthday day.
  • If you want to experience the shortest birthday day (not sure why) then simply reverse the order of the locations mentioned in the above routes.
  • If you are doing this for your birthday, there unfortunately is little to no wiggle room on the date of travel but there is some room on destinations as you see above.

How Did My 42 Hour Birthday Look Like?

  • 9 hours and 45 minutes I spent in Sydney, Australia.
  • 13 hours and 45 minutes somewhere in the sky going over the ocean.
  • 17 hours and 30 minutes in Los Angeles, California.

For a grand total of 42 whopping birthday hours and the ultimate memorable travel experience!

What This Journey Meant Doing This On My Birthday:

  • 🎉 My birthday was a whopping 42 hours
  • 🎉 I celebrated my birthday in 2 countries, 2 different continents and in the sky.
  • 🎉 At one point during my birthday I was actually a year younger.

Final Note

Happy birthday to me but more importantly, thank you to everyone who in some way, shape or form helped me celebrate another year in this beautiful earth 🌏. A very special shout out goes to Sonia, the hostess with the mostest and her family for making me feel so at home and planning some extra special celebration surprises once I arrived in LA.

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