City Sightseeing On Electric Scooters – Tips

Who else likes City sightseeing on electric scooters 🛴? It is an easy way to up level your city sightseeing and quickly becoming a favorite for tourists looking to other means of transportation when exploring new cities.

Electric scooter hires have popped up in cities all across the globe including Zürich in Switzerland (pictured above). Hiring electric scooter rentals for tourists is as easy as downloading an app. Lime being my go-to personally when I see it in scooter friendly cities. Big upside, it’s an eco-friendly form of transportation and budget friendly too, especially if solo traveling.

I’m super cautious when it comes to anything on wheels from my own personal stories and the last thing I want is to end up in any emergency room be it at home or let alone in a foreign country. While traveling, here are my top tips for touring cities on a rental scooter the next time you see them in a city you visit. 

Tips For Using Electric Scooters In Cities

🛴- Hire these when the weather is nice. Riding in rain is no fun and from my experience feels more dangerous. 

🛴 – Go for a short test run before committing. You want to ensure you feel comfortable riding them. Especially if this is your first time. 

🛴 – Avoid cobble streets, if possible. It’s bumpy and makes for a less enjoyable ride. 

🛴 – Know basic cycle signals 👈👉as you will still have to ride on main streets and follow the rules of the road. 

🛴 – Ride at your own pace and based on what makes you feel safe. Your confidence levels will build with experience. 

Have scooter stories, or tips of your own?

Would love if you would share them with our Latina travel community in the comments below. 

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