Carry-on Bag Checklist

A properly packed luggage is important for traveling,. Especially when said #LifeinaBag is checked-in or stored away under a bus or luggage cart. Your carry-on bag and it's contents become your next best friend. This carry-on bag checklist is a must, to help you pack smart and efficient. Sharing some of my carry-on essentials in … Continue reading Carry-on Bag Checklist

Travel Light Guide

Luggage fees have really hit the bank when planning a holiday. These fees can be anywhere from $25-$60 each way especially when traveling on an economy airline. If you think airlines in America are bad, economy airlines in Europe have even smaller size restrictions. When it comes to carry-on luggage’s making packing a #LifeinaBag and … Continue reading Travel Light Guide

Savvy Travel – How To Organize A Trip In 8 Easy Steps

Learn how to make planning a trip painless and less time consuming for you. Use this ultimate Travel Planner Checklist below which includes all the tips and hacks you will need to organize a trip in 8 easy steps using the best in class travel brands that I use and trust for my adventures. Regardless … Continue reading Savvy Travel – How To Organize A Trip In 8 Easy Steps

Your First Backpacker Trip – Lesson In Preparing

All backpacker blogs and sites will advise you to practice carrying your backpack full and walking around your home or neighborhood, city etc. before your backpacking trip to get use to the weight on your back. I am here to tell you that it's a MUST!!! I'll say it again, "IT'S A MUST!!! Apparently, I … Continue reading Your First Backpacker Trip – Lesson In Preparing