Tel Aviv Is Tel Aviv And The Rest Of Israel

When a “didn’t see that coming” country/city gets added into anyone’s travel, a friend, most likely who you’ve met from your travels or a friend who is now living in said country/city is the culprit. Sweden, Canada, Manchester and the Canary Islands are prime examples of countries/cities that were added to my Girl Takes Mundo … Continue reading Tel Aviv Is Tel Aviv And The Rest Of Israel

Happy Travel-Versary Girl Takes Mundo

1 year ago today, I hopped into a plane with a dream to travel (center picture in above collage). I had no expectations, didn’t know if this would even be for me but I gulped deeply as I stepped onto a plane into the unknown. 1 year later and I’ve had my fair share of … Continue reading Happy Travel-Versary Girl Takes Mundo

Go To La Verga They Said…(Gran Canaria)

Have you heard of the Canary Islands? Do you know it’s part of Spain? Do you know that despite it being part of Spain, it’s actually in the continent of Africa? Many locals and expats living here will wonder if people in the “outside world” would be able to answer, “yes” to the above questions. … Continue reading Go To La Verga They Said…(Gran Canaria)

Summer Ready

“Chicken scratch plans”, “Ever changing” and “No real plans” was the ways I was describing my 2nd leg/extension of my Girl Takes Mundo plans 3 months ago in this post here.  I had no clue where I would be 3 months from when I wrote that post and that chicken scratch plans in my phone … Continue reading Summer Ready

The Morocco Backpacker Trail

Morocco in general attracts over 10 million tourists per year which means it’s more touristy than many people expect. Being so close to Europe it truly is a culture getaway as it is night and day from European countries and the perfect place to put your foot in so to speak to see an Islamic … Continue reading The Morocco Backpacker Trail

Egypt…It’s Ok, No Problem.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I heard people say, “Don’t visit Egypt, it’s dangerous” and “Let some years pass, it will get better”. I must not have been the only one hearing this and refraining from visiting since in recent years, tourism in Egypt has suffered as a result of the increased terrorism … Continue reading Egypt…It’s Ok, No Problem.

Madagascar, I did it!

Madagascar may be the definition of exotic destinations. Located in the south Indian Ocean, this island is home to thousands of endemic animal and plant species found no where else in the world. (FYI: 90% to be exact and little known fact, not even the Amazon in South America can compare with the diversity of … Continue reading Madagascar, I did it!

Namibia, I’ll Be Back!

I admittedly treated Namibia as a country to kill a couple days during my Girl Takes Mundo trip as I didn’t want to rush getting to the places I wanted to visit and figured seeing another part of Africa wouldn’t hurt since I had the spare days. Apparently adding days to those already desired destinations … Continue reading Namibia, I’ll Be Back!

The Up’s & Down’s Of Cape Town

As I deplaned in Cape Town after what felt like my favorite layover during this whole Girl Takes Mundo trip (London) I couldn’t help to take in the initial sights of Cape Town, the lush African Savanna grasslands where the great cats prey and where the African elephants were roaming wild while in the distant … Continue reading The Up’s & Down’s Of Cape Town

Girl Takes Mundo…To Be Continued

And She’s back at it! Call me a predictable traveling nomad but I’ve decided to extend my original 6 month Girl takes Mundo journey and explore the world more. While it’s true that I covered so much in 6 months visiting Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, Central and South America there is still so much … Continue reading Girl Takes Mundo…To Be Continued