Spain, Spain And More Spain

For many travelers with regular work holidays the idea of revisiting countries seems a bit wasteful especially when there are so many places to visit. I certainly had the same mentality when I was on holiday and still in my 9-5. So, it should come as no surprise that the idea of only visiting new … Continue reading Spain, Spain And More Spain

Sweet Home Chicago

A question EVERY traveler will ask each other is, "Where are you from?". It's a simple question but when you're 8, 9 plus months into your travels with no exact plan of when or if you will return "home", you start feeling like you have to add to your response. A simple question becomes so complex; … Continue reading Sweet Home Chicago

Conquering Bilbao in 8 Hours

Bilbao, the former industrial city of northern Spain has had a modern day renaissance by becoming a great destination for art and food among other things. Naturally a long 8 hour layover with it’s convenient 15 minute bus ride into the city made Bilbao an ideal and not nearly as bad place to be stuck … Continue reading Conquering Bilbao in 8 Hours

If At First You Don’t Succeed…Visit Again And Again. #SalzburgEdition

Since I’ve been fortunate to be working as a contractor for Red Bull Global, I have had the opportunity to visit its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria 4 times since beginning my contract in September, 2018. But as mentioned in a previous post titled, “All Work & No Play Make Girl Takes Mundo A Dull Girl. … Continue reading If At First You Don’t Succeed…Visit Again And Again. #SalzburgEdition

1st Bank Holiday – Scotland

What’s the best way for a traveling nomad like myself to be welcomed to the new city she will call “Home” you ask? Immediately going on holiday of course! I couldn’t resist partaking in my first bank holiday (AKA what people in the UK call a public holiday) in England by doing what the locals … Continue reading 1st Bank Holiday – Scotland

7 Months At Home

Returning home after being a traveling nomad is certainly a feat of its own. Probably the equivalent of leaving to become said traveling nomad. Sure, the excitement of returning to see family and friends, enjoying meals you can only find at home and coming back with a different perspective on life and stories to match … Continue reading 7 Months At Home

The Great Escape

If you’ve followed my journey, you’d know that moving to England was a mission of its own to say the least. See here to play catch up. Yet once my VISA was approved, bags packed and the official move ready to take place, you would think this would be clear sailings from here, right? WRONG!!! … Continue reading The Great Escape

All Work & No Play In Portugal Makes “Girl Takes Mundo” A Dull Girl.

There is always this illusion that those who travel for work (outside of your typical travel bloggers and influencers) have a glamorous life being able to visit many places thanks to being sent by their employer for work. If you are one of those people that loves to travel, being in a job that requires … Continue reading All Work & No Play In Portugal Makes “Girl Takes Mundo” A Dull Girl.

Stuttgart, I Did It For Shelby

It’s no secret that once in Europe, flights to various parts of Europe can be quite affordable compared to flights in the good ole US of A. So, when your friend mentions she will be in Stuttgart, Germany for her birthday and invites you, it’s easy to say “yes”. Even easier when round trip tickets … Continue reading Stuttgart, I Did It For Shelby

She’s Back!

For any lover of travel especially one who decided to give up their former life to pursue their dream of traveling the world full time, it’s hard to swallow the fact that one must put the backpack away, stop their gallivanting of seeing all the corners of the world and seal the deal by handing … Continue reading She’s Back!