Holbox Island: A Secret Worth Visting In Mexico

Why Visit Holbox island

Holbox Island is located in Mexico’s largest ecological reserve, Yum Balam and has been getting quite the buzz in the last years. I first heard its existence back in 2017 and since then have heard “Holbox” pop up in travel conversations since. This paradise was calling and I’m beyond elated that I finally answered.

Holbox is absolutely worth visiting and despite the amount of tourism already coming from all corners of the world (so I recommend you visit sooner rather than later), it’s still one of Mexico’s best kept secret.

Plan Your Holbox Island Visit




How Long To Stay

As many who visit can personally attest to; you book a stay in Holbox for 3-4 days and find yourself staying for a week or even longer. The laid back vibes and almost car-less unpaved island (which locals have worked hard to keep untouched by corporate businesses) will give tourists of any budget exactly what they are looking for.

How To Get There

Step One- Cancun to Chiquila  

Coach Bus

Head to the Central Bus Station of Cancun. ADO offers 1 bus a day that leaves at 9 am and is a 2-hour journey.  

Colectivo AKA Van

Alternatively, you can grab a small van in the parking lot of “Soriana Super” across from the station. Last van ride leaves at 6:30pm and lasts 3 hours. 


Rent a car and make the 2-hour journey. Check out car deals HERE.

Tip: Park your car in one of the private parking garages in Chiquila since the ferry does not transport your car and you won’t need this in Holbox. 

Step Two – Chiquila to Holbox


Once in Chiquila, head to the ferry station as this is the only way to get to Holbox Island. Hop on the 20-minute ferry that leaves every 1/2 hour until 9:30pm. (Ferry times can be found in one of the images in my Photo book below.)

Holbox island Travel Guide

Let Isla Holbox welcome you too! Use my travel guide below to learn how to get to Holbox Island, where to stay, eat and what to do in this untouched and truly unique beach town.

or click HERE or the images to download the FREE destination guide via Canva.

Holbox Island



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