Where & How To See Flamingos In Holbox

🦩Flamingo season in Holbox, Mexico is April to October making this the best time to visit Holbox if you want to see flamingos. Locals do claim you can spot them year round, so that is something to keep in mind. Lucky for some, a wild & rare flamingo was spotted in January in Punta Mosquito. (See the first image in the top) 🤣

Whether you want to spot flamingo’s in Holbox, visiting Punta Mosquito is still a must for anyone visting this island. See some example activities HERE.

Below I share the easy steps to get you there including some tips and advice from a fellow wander.

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Here’s How To Visit Punta Mosquito

See Flamingos in Holbox - Punta Mosquito

Time From Town Center:

🚶Walking – 1 hour & 30 minutes each way 

🚴 Bike + Walk – 1 hour & 10 minutes each way 

🚗 Golf cart + Walk – 1 hour & 15 minutes each way 

Steps To Get There:

1. Google “Punta Mosquito” on maps & select the walking directions so you have this available when offline. 

2. If using a bike or golf cart; park this at Las Nubes Holbox (This is the farthest you can ride). Consider staying at Las Nubes Holbox for a relaxing and peaceful stay in Holbox.

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3. Begin walking the sand bank for 1 hour. (Be sure to visit early in the day as the tide changes in the afternoon making it harder to follow the sand bar.) 

4. You will spot a “Don’t Walk Further” sign when you’ve reached the Yum Balam Nature Reserve. Walk past this sign until you arrive at Punta Mosquito being respectful of the land as you are allowed to enter the reserve despite the sign. 

Tips & Tricks: 

  • You will find yourself walking in water when walking the sand bank but it should be no more than ankle or knee deep. 
  • If you find yourself returning from Punta Mosquito in the afternoon when the tide goes up rest assured you won’t drown just start walking toward the beach. (Consider a waterproof bag if you plan to bring electronics) 
  • Remember that flamingos are wild animals so if you are lucky to spot them do not get close. 

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