How To See The Magical Bioluminescence In Holbox Without A Tour

Visiting Holbox in Mexico? Want to see the bioluminescence? Let me show you how to see the magical bioluminescence in Holbox without a tour.

You will see tours advertising the bioluminescence tour in Holbox for $300 MXN ($15 USD / £11 GBP). While this isn’t high by any stretch of the imagination, the “tour” only includes a ride to Punto Cocos beach via golf buggy and someone to watch your personal items. Not much of a tour if you tell me especially when you know this can be done on your own. 

This is how…

5 steps to seeing the bioluminescence in holbox

  1. Google “Punto Cocos” on maps & select the walkingdirections so you have this available when offline. (This is an easy 30ish minute flat walk from the heart of the town.) 
  2. Visit with a buddy or group. While it is safe in Holbox I would still recommend not going solo. Besides, the experience will be that more magical with a +1.
  3. Bioluminescence is seen best during a full moon or clear night so make your way at night. (We began walking around 9pm/21:00.) 
  4. Bring only the essentials; mosquito repellent & flash light/torch (phone light works too) as the second half of the walk has very minimal street lights. 
  5. ENJOY!! 

As I said, it’s safe to travel in Holbox but just like in any place I travel, I always practice safe travel tactics to ensure the safety of myself and others with me. #HappyTravels 

Still considering a tour?

Kayak Experience and Swiming With The Bioluminescence Tour – This tour offers a kayak experience in addition to the visit of the bioluminescence in Punto Cocos, which I feel can certainly add to the experience if opting you do decide to stick to a tour.

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