Gastronomical & Cultural Indulgences In Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico has plenty of destinations to pick from if you are looking to visit. We can’t be too surprised when you see its size. Admittedly, this can make it quite overwhelming when planning a visit especially if time isn’t in your favor. If you are looking for gastronomical & cultural indulgences in Oaxaca is where you will find this.

Let me make this easier for you. Have you met my friend, Oaxaca? After spending time in Holbox relaxing on the beach and working on my flawless tan. <See the ultimate travel guide for Holbox HERE> Oaxaca, made for an ideal next stop as this city provides a more true to life experience of Mexico.

Why Visit Oaxaca

You will certainly love Oaxaca blending indigenous culture, culinary delights and a colorful colonial city as its backdrop. It is easy to spend a week here. I personally, enjoyed spending my time shopping from local artisans. And relishing in the tastiest of food from the array of options. More importantly, I felt like I was being transported in time. Less tourist sites meant I felt like I was discovering the archaeological sites the way the first explorers did.

Plan Your Oaxaca Visit




Gastronomical & Cultural Indulgences In Oaxaca Travel Guide

Looking for what to see, how best to get there and what to fill your tummy with in Oaxaca, Mexico? Everything you need to know about can be found in this travel guide below.

Have a look and start planning your own indulging visit to Oaxaca today!

or click HERE or the images below to access the guide via Canva.

Gastronomical & Cultural Indulgences In Oaxaca

Indulgences In Oaxaca,MexicoDESTINATION: DURATION OF STAY:6 Days / 6 NightsShared Shuttle – $90 MXN ($4.50 USD / £3.30GBP) per person to the city center and can bebooked upon arrivalTaxi – $350 MXN ($17.50 USD / £12.70 GBP)total to the city center.Taxi – $150 MXN ($7.50 USD / £5.45 GBP) totalOaxaca Airport to Oaxaca City Center -Oaxaca City Center to Oaxaca AirportMonte Albán – The ruins of the ancient center ofZapotec and Mixtec culture just a 20 minutes rideoutside of Oaxaca city center.Entrance to ruins is $80 MXNTaxi is $150 MXN each wayShared bus is $100 MXN round tripMitla – This town is a short 45 min drive fromOaxaca city centre and known for being the siteof the Mitla archeological ruins.Entrance to ruins is $75 MXNShared Taxi is $40 MXN per person each wayTIP: Be sure to buy one of the tasty“Micheladas” aka Mexican Bloody Mary fromthe market stalls outside of the ruins.Oaxaca City Center -Zocalo Oaxaca – Busy and vibrant townsquare in the city center of OaxacaTemple Santo DomingoOaxaca Markets – “Mercado 20 de Noviembre”for food & “Mercado Benito Juárez” for gifts,clothing and souvenirsBarrio de Jalatlaco – Charming cobbled streetneighborhood filled with colorfully street art.Arcos de Xochimilco Neighborhood – Oldestneighborhood in the city still preserving itsenchanting colonial vibes.Tree of Tule – The widest tree in the world can befound just a short taxi ride outside of Oaxaca citycentre in a beautiful quintessential Mexican citypark in Santa Maria del Tule. (Shared taxi is $12MXN per person.)Hierve de Agua – Rock formations that resemblewaterfalls (FYI: Closed during the pandemic)HOW TO GET THERE:Girl Takes Mundo Travel GuideSEE MORE TRIP ITINERARIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD AT GIRLTAKESMUNDO.COMCOPYRIGHT PROTECTEDOaxaca, MexicoTRAVEL TIPS:Bartering – The markets in Oaxaca are ashoppers paradise but remember to bargain onthe price as you will always be given thetourist price. (See all my haggling secretsHERE in the “Haggling 101” section.)Money – Oaxaca is still mostly cash onlyespecially with the various street vendors andin the markets but lucky for you there areplenty of ATMs throughout the city.DO: EAT & DRINK:Tacos de Cazuela Del Carmen – A motherdaughter duo better known as “Las Reinas” (TheQueens) run this food cart and they truly aredeserving of the title. Serving scrumptious tortas,memelas and tacos.Cafebre – My favorite coffee shop in Oaxaca thatwas recommended by a coffee shop owner, soyou know it’s good. Aside from delicious coffeethey offer homemade bagels & fresh fruit bowls.Adama – Hidden Israelí restaurant in theXochimilco neighborhood offering a multi coursefamily style meal on their beautiful outdoorpatio that begs to be enjoyed with your travelfamily.Las Ánimas – Low key but yummy familyrestaurant for Oaxacan food with late nighthours. Open Thurs – Sat 7pm to 3am.Pan AM – Popular place for brunch in the citycentre with a lovely outdoor patio.El Posito – Featured in Netflix’s show “Street FoodLatin America”. Order their Pedrozas for aculinary experience and pair it with their “aguasfrescas” aka fresh fruit flavored water for theultimate snack.Royalty – Another small family run restaurantoffering local cuisine at reasonable prices. Trytheir tlayudas and hot chocolate.Mezcal Don Agave – No need to waste a daydoing a tour visiting various Mezcal factories.Instead, simply visit this Mezcaleria just a short30 minute drive outside of the city center andget treated to a private tour and mezcal tastingon the house.Indulgences In Oaxaca,MexicoMUST TRY:Oaxacan Tamale / Mole – Wrapped in banana leaves, this tamale version is unique to Oaxaca and adelightful way to try one of the 7 mole sauces also known for in this part of the region.Mexican Tamale – The more traditional Mexican tamale is wrapped in corn husk and is still verypopular and tasty here. Many local women cook and sell these traditional tamale’s outside of theirhomes.Micheladas – This is by far my favorite way to drink beer and I’m quite the connoisseur. The larger thanlife versions here are not to be missed and this is coming from an expert.Mezcal – Consider this the 2.0 version of Tequila (which is also popular in Oaxaca). What better placeto level up your Mexican alcoholic palate than in its birthplace.Hot Chocolate – Oaxaca is known for its chocolate. The best way to indulge in this local staple is inliquid form with milk or water and either in the morning or night.Tlayudas – This dish is Oaxaca’s version for a Mexican pizza and despite the pizza size, it’s intended foronly one person.Coffee de Olla – Another commodity in Oaxaca is their “coffee from a pot”. But be warned that localstend to go heavy on the sugar.Memelas -This breakfast cuisine item is one you can’t miss. Word on the Netflix sector is that “MemelasDona Vale” is the best but unfortunately was closed during my visit.Tostiesquites – Corn on the cob is boring, Mexican corn is 2.0 but Tostiesquites is the future. This calorierich snack is a combination of Mexican corn with chips/crisps and loaded with extras. Street vendorsselling corn on the cob will most likely offer this version as well.  

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