Oaxaca Food Guide – What to eat, & Where to Eat in Oaxaca

It is no surprise that a visit to Oaxaca in Mexico instantaneously becomes a food tour given the amazing food and drink options coming from Oaxaca that have put Mexico cuisine on the culinary map. This Oaxaca food guide shows the tasty travel journey in Oaxaca.

Since Oaxaca is a gastronomical hub, many chefs come to learn and improve their cooking skills in this city. You can too! I would highly reccomend this Oaxaca: Traditional Oaxacan Cooking Class with Market Visit from GetYourGuide.

Of everything that I indulged in while here, (and it most certainly was quite a bit, if not ask my pants) I thought it only fair to crown a winner. After all, I had searched high and low for the best eats in Oaxaca and had a plentitude of delicious options as far and wide as my eyes could see.


“Las Reyna’s” aka, “The Queens” food stall took the prize. Allow me to introduce you to the BEST place to eat tacos in Oaxaca; “Tacos De Cazuela Del Carmen”. Not only were the tacos delicious but the freshly at the moment made tortillas certainly upped the taco game. “Las Reynas” truly add to the experience. They reminded me of the matriachs in my family when they are in the kitchen ensuring I was fed and having me try everything they had to offer. I left with a warm heart and a filled tummy.

Check out my cheat sheet below of what to order in their food stall when you visit:

  • Choriqueso (Cheese & crumbled pork sausage)
  • Costilla en Guisado (Pork rib in tomato stew)
  • Tasajo con Quesillo (This beef strips with cheese)
  • Papas con Rajas (Potatoes with poblano cheese)

On a freshly made tortilla, memela or torta.


I couldn’t forget to highlight some of the other exquisite options I delighted myself in while visiting this gastronomical hub including the highly acclaimed mole, mezcal, tamale and coffee.

  • Oaxacan Tamale / Mole – Wrapped in banana leaves, this tamale version is unique to Oaxaca and a delightful way to try one of the 7 mole sauces also known for in this part of the region.
  • Mexican Tamale – The more traditional Mexican tamale is wrapped in corn husk and is still very popular and tasty here. Many local women cook and sell these traditional tamale’s outside of their homes.
  • Micheladas – This is by far my favorite way to drink beer and I’m quite the connoisseur. The larger than life versions here are not to be missed and this is coming from an expert.
  • Mezcal – Consider this the 2.0 version of Tequila (which is also popular in Oaxaca). What better place to level up your Mexican alcoholic palate than in its birthplace. Consider joining this cool Mezxal tour HERE.
  • Hot Chocolate – Oaxaca is known for its chocolate. The best way to indulge in this local staple is in liquid form with milk or water and either in the morning or night.
  • Tlayudas – This dish is Oaxaca’s version for a Mexican pizza and despite the pizza size, it’s intended for only one person.
  • Coffee de Olla – Another commodity in Oaxaca is their “coffee from a pot”. But be warned that locals tend to go heavy on the sugar.
  • Memelas -This breakfast cuisine item is one you can’t miss. Word on the Netflix sector is that “Memelas Dona Vale” is the best but unfortunately was closed during my visit.
  • Tostiesquites – Corn on the cob is boring, Mexican corn is 2.0 but Tostiesquites is the future. This calorie rich snack is a combination of Mexican corn with chips/crisps and loaded with extras. Street vendors selling corn on the cob will most likely offer this version as well.


See the top places to eat and drink taste tested by a selfless foodie / Latin travler aka me. (Someone has to do the job.)

  • Tacos de Cazuela Del Carmen – A mother daughter duo better known as “Las Reinas” (The Queens) run this food cart and they truly are deserving of the title. Serving scrumptious tortas, memelas and tacos.
  • Cafebre – My favorite coffee shop in Oaxaca that was recommended by a coffee shop owner, so you know it’s good. Aside from delicious coffee they offer homemade bagels & fresh fruit bowls.
  • Adama – Hidden Israelí restaurant in the Xochimilco neighborhood offering a multi course family style meal on their beautiful outdoor patio that begs to be enjoyed with your travel family.
  • Las Ánimas – Low key but yummy family restaurant for Oaxacan food with late night hours. Open Thurs – Sat 7pm to 3am.
  • Pan AM – Popular place for brunch in the city centre with a lovely outdoor patio.
  • El Posito – Featured in Netflix’s show “Street Food Latin America”. Order their Pedrozas for a culinary experience and pair it with their “aguas frescas” aka fresh fruit flavored water for the ultimate snack.
  • Royalty – Another small family run restaurant offering local cuisine at reasonable prices. Try their tlayudas and hot chocolate.
  • Mezcal Don Agave – Visit this Mezcaleria just a short 30 minute drive outside of the city center and get treated to a private tour and mezcal tasting on the house.
  • Mercado 20 de Noviembre – A market you can’t miss while in Oaxaca. This food hub is filled with an abundance of food stalls offering local and traditional cuisine, produce and treats.

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Latina Traveler - Oaxaca Food Guide
Oaxaca Food Guide


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