Slovakia For Solo Women Travelers

Slovakia for Solo Women Travelers

While working in Austria, I indulged my wanderlust, searching for nearby destinations on a world map, reminiscent of my former nomadic lifestyle. Balancing my work trip with a touch of my adventurous nature felt like a perfect complement. As a former full-time traveler, I’ve come to understand that the pursuit of new adventures continues, even if it’s not a constant lifestyle, signifying that my Girl Takes Mundo journey is merely transitioning, not concluding. And that’s how this Slovakia for Solo Women Travelers article came to be.

Slovakia for Solo Women Travelers Table Of Contents

Why Visit Slovakia

Bratislava City

How did I decide on Slovakia you wonder? It’s hard not to resist visiting a country that is younger than you are and that didn’t even exist when you were born. Slovakia became a country in 1993, yet, Slovakia is full of history being formerly part of what was once Czechoslovakia. With its communist background and alignment with Hitler during his Nazi era, one can only touch the tip of the iceberg in understanding the roots and origins of this country today.

Due to this history, and what has been seen with other countries with a troublesome past like Colombia and Egypt, only as of recently has Slovakia also begun to see the surge of tourists, like myself, finally coming to experience the marvels of such a culturally beautiful and naturally condensed country.

FYI: I’ve had the pleasure of visiting both Colombia and Egypt and recommend for Latina travelers. Perfectly safe as long as you practice common traveler safety. Click country links to see my travel guides.

What To Expect From Slovakia

Slovakia Bratislava Journalist Memorial

While exploring Slovakia for 8 days, two themes kept emerging during my Latina solo trip.

Slovakia’s Unique From Its Neighbors

Despite its size and historical past, Slovakia has a rich and truly unique culture. Visiting Slovakia truly felt like I was emerging myself into a different world than I had experienced from its neighboring countries of Austria, Hungry and Poland which was a misconception I had before visiting. Contrary to my belief, Slovakia is filled with unique gastronomy, attractions like castles, caves, national parks and Unesco World Heritage sites.

Slovakia’s Tourist Industry Isn’t Big

A second theme that seemed reasonable given its history was its lack of tourist industry outside of Bratislava and English language comprehension. Even I, the self-proclaimed travel guru that I am basked in a language barrier but can assure you that you don’t need to be a travel guru to easily overcome this while traveling here. (Just find someone young.)

Additionally, lacking a tourism industry doesn’t mean seeing and experiencing beautiful things isn’t possible. It simply means you will get a more authentic taste of a country.

So, go ahead, don’t skip Slovakia while you are traveling through Central Europe.

Plan Your Slovakia for Solo Women Travelers Visit




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Slovakia Travel Tips

Money Accepted: It’s best to carry cash with you as some places still do not accept credit cards including buses in the city.
Safety In Slovakia: As a Latina female traveler from a big city, most places were very safe to visit even at night. The only time I felt a bit uncomfortable was in the smaller cities like Banska Stiavnica in the evening. This was only because it was small, dark and very quiet at night.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: Despite the language barrier people seemed to be very willing to try to help you. They may not seem friendly and approachable but they really are.
Length Of Stay: From my Latina travels to Slovakia, I would recommend a week to explore all the cities mentioned in my guide. I would also recommend renting a car to easily see even more during this time as it’s very doable with a car.
Language:Slovak is the language spoken in Slovakia and only younger people under the age of 30 really speak English even in tourist cities/places so you certainly resort to pointing at things, hoping for the best when you order food, looking for young people to help translate or answer questions for you, etc.

TIP: Download the Google Translate App and be sure to take it even a step further and download the offline Slovak translation to ensure you can translate without using your data or when you find yourself in places with “No Service” which is common when you begin exploring beyond Bratislava.

Ways To Get Around Slovakia

Slovakia Public Transport
FlyCheck out cheap flights using Skyscanner – It’s the most popular and trustworthy travel companion in the biz for a reason.
BusBuses from Bratislava are available but unfortunately routes are more difficult to find using google search. Your best bet if wanting to travel outside of Bratislava is to head to the main bus station and ask for a ticket to get you to “X” city. Ticket sales staff will know which is the best bus/route to get you there.

FYI: Buses back to Bratislava from other cities may not be as easy as going to a bus station if they don’t have a bus station as it was the case in Banska Stiavnica.
TrainEasily available for travel to many cities outside of Bratislava with multiple available times. Search google for best travel options as these are very up to date and visit the central train station ticket counter and show them where you would like (some attendants may not speak English, FYI) to go to purchase a ticket.
TaxiCabs are available in Slovakia
Car Rental Depending on the number in your group and what else you plan to see, renting a car may be a cheaper option. Book your car rental.
Car Share Uber does operate in Bratislava but it may be hard to catch a ride if requesting outside of Bratislava. Consider yourself warned.

Additional Slovakia Bus Tips

  • Read bus time routes at the bus stop you get dropped off.
  • Don’t assume buses will come at the time the sign says they will or stop where the sign is. For example, bus schedules in Banska Stiavnica can be unreliable. After waiting for three hours past the scheduled time, I took initiative, asking various bus drivers and fellow travelers if they were heading to Bratislava. Eventually, by seeking out English speakers and finding the last bus, I successfully journeyed from Banska Stiavnica to Bratislava.
  • Be sure to have enough cash for the bus ticket which should roughly be the same price as the original ticket purchased to said city.

Slovakia For Solo Women Travelers – Cities To Visit

Explore Bratislava

For Latina solo travelers, Bratislava in Slovakia is an inviting blend of history and modernity. Its enchanting old town, lively bars, and iconic castle make a perfect 2-3 day visit. Don’t miss Bratislava Castle, St. Michael’s Gate, and Primate’s Palace. Enjoy a walk in the Danube and savor local treats at the Old Market Hall, all highlighted in this Woman’s Travel Handbook To Bratislava below.

Woman’s Travel Handbook to Bratislava

Explore Banska Stiavnica

This chica viajera loved exploring Banska Stiavnica, a stunning former mining town nestled in Slovakia’s hills and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s no wonder many choose it for a city break. It paints a vivid picture of life beyond Bratislava. The town’s charm, natural beauty, and ease of exploration on foot made it nearly irresistible. I almost had to extend my stay, fearing I missed the last bus to Bratislava on my final day. Enjoy this pocket-sized guide to discover this UNESCO site too!

City Break To Banska Stiavnica

Explore Trnava

Trnava, known as the “Slovak Rome,” holds a rich history with 11 churches, earning its nickname “Little Rome.” As a Latina solo traveler wanting to see more than just the capital of Slovakia, I ventured out to Trnava on a day trip. The town’s quaint streets revealed its historical significance as the former capital for the Catholic Church of the Hungarian kingdom post the Ottomans’ Esztergom destruction. This guide aims to make it easier for you to also visit this city in a day.

Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit

Taste Of Slovakia

During my solo trip in Slovakia, I discovered the country’s rich culinary heritage as I ate away, delighting myself with its top gastronomic gems. The hearty, traditional dishes, like the iconic “halušky” with bryndza cheese, and the strong, aromatic “slivovica” plum brandy, capture the essence of this young yet tradition-rich nation. Each item represented in my “Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies” article showcases not just flavors but a journey through Slovakia’s cultural origins, inviting both Latina travelers and tourists to savor the essence of Slovakian gastronomy.

Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies

Other Countries To Also Visit Near Slovakia

Many travelers like myself visited Slovakia as you don’t need many days to visit, its budget friendly and can easily be added while visiting other countries on a Europe holiday.

These countries include

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