Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit

Trnava Slovakia's Rome

Trnava, often dubbed the “Slovak Rome,” is a town steeped in history and religious significance. Its ancient city walls encircle a remarkable collection of 11 churches and why this city in Slovakia has been nicknamed, “Little Rome”. During my visit to Slovania as a Latina solo traveler I was excited to explore more than just Bratislava and Trnava was so close that it was hard to resist making a day trip visit. Once in Trnava I was enamored by the charm of it’s streets and small town feel. Walking through it’s it was easy to see that this was the capital for the Catholic Church of the Hungarian kingdom after the Ottomans destroyed Esztergom. I hope this “Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit” provides an invaluable guide that offers other travelers an enriching cultural experience and a deep dive into Slovakia’s captivating history.

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Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit Table Of Contents

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Trnava Slovakia’s Rome Travel Tips

Trnava Slovakia's Rome
Money Accepted: It’s best to carry cash with you as cash was still king here.
Safety In Trnava: I felt exceptionally secure while exploring the city of Trnava.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: Although the language barrier exists, people are genuinely willing to assist, even if they might not appear immediately approachable.
Length Of Stay: Trnava presents an excellent day excursion from Bratislava for those seeking to explore a nearby, easily accessible smaller town via public transportation.
Language:Slovak serves as the primary language in Slovakia, with English predominantly spoken by the younger population, even in tourist destinations such as Bratislava.

TIP: Download the Google Translate App and make sure to go a step ahead by installing the offline Slovak translation. This guarantees you can translate without relying on your data.

Trnava From Bratislava

TrainThis is a great day trip option from Bratislava as it is just a short 1-hour train ride and tickets may be easily purchased in the main train station.

Trnava Slovakia’s Rome – 1-Day Visit

Trnava Top 3 Sights Not To Miss

1. Fortification Walls – Walking within and on this wall taking in the sights of this small town in Slovakia.

2. Trnava Church Crawl – Due to the city’s compact size, it’s quite convenient to stroll around and see the 11 churches within the medieval town.

3. Smolenice Castle – This gorgeous castle is just a few minutes away from Trnava and worth adding to your day visit while here.

Trnava Tour

If you prefer to let someone else take the reigns of planning your visit to Trnava consider this “From Bratislava: Half-Day Trip to Trnava with Train Tickets” tour.

Trnava Eats & Drinks

Wetzlerov Dom – For traditional Slovak cuisine this is a great place for lunch in Trnava.

Additional Slovakia City Suggestions

Bratislava Day Trip
Banska Stiavnica– (2 hour drive from Trnava), the completely preserved medieval town in the Stiavnica mountains. 
Bratislava– (36 min drive from Trnava), the beautiful capital of Slovakia.

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