City Break To Banska Stiavnica From Bratislava

City Break To Banska Stiavnica

Banska Stiavnica is a beautiful former mining town that lies among the hills in the center of Slovakia. By exploring the old town, it is no surprise to know that it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. One can also understand why so many people like myself will go on a city break to Banska Stiavnica while traveling in Slovakia .

This town helps paint a picture of life outside of the big city of Bratislava. Its natural landscapes and sounds certainly help seal the deal to this charming city. A big bonus is that due to its size, I found it very easy to navigate by foot while I explored the sights. I would point out that some areas are uphill as the city is located on a hill afterall.

I hope you enjoy this pocket-sized guide to exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site for yourself.

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City Break To Banska Stiavnica From Bratislava Table Of Contents

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Banska Stiavnica Travel Tips

Money Accepted: Cash is king here so plan accordingly.
Safety In Banska Stiavnica: Let me assure you, Banska Stiavnica is very safe but I must admit that this Latina felt a bit uncomfortable in the evening. This was only because the city is small, dark and very quiet in the evenings.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: During my stay in Banska Stiavnica, locals seemed friendly and smiled often as this was the easiest way to communicate with each other due to the language barrier.
Length Of Stay: 2 days is plenty of time to explore Banska Stiavnica.
Language:Since this is a smaller town with a lower population of youth, most people here will only speak Slovak. expect to use your best

TIP: Save yourself from pointing and struggling in Banska Stiavnica, download the Google Translate App and download the offline Slovak translation as from my experience, service was not the best in this town.

Banska Stiavnica From Bratislava

BusFrom Bratislava it is a 3-hour bus journey from the main bus station.
TrainYou may be able to get to Banska Stiavnica via train but do keep in mind that the train is not direct and takes 4 hours to get there.

Travel Handbook Of Banska Stiavnica

Banska Stiavnica Sights & Activities Not To Miss

1. Mines – Go underground and explore the oldest mining system in Slovakia.

2. Castles – There are 2 castles in the town. The “Old Castle” is in the city center and the “New Castle” that sits on the hill will give you a feeling of the old wars during the Ottoman empire.

3. Love Bank – A famous attraction for all the love birds of the world. This love museum is a museum of the longest love poem in the world, “Marina”. It’s so long, it holds its own world record. This long poem is written on love boxes and these boxes house the first safe in the world where you can store in a “Love Box”, your own love verse or keepsake for either 1 year or forever. (Because apparently your love may not be as long as this poem)

If it helps, remember that these tokens of love can be of people’s partners but also parents, children, paw-children, friends, food, etc. etc.

4. Kalvaria – A beautiful late Baroque Calvary on a volcanic hill formed in the years of 1744-1751.

5. Botanical Gardens – Small but free to enter so worth strolling through if you find yourself passing by while touring the city.

6. Old Town – Legend says that this region used to be so rich that it was inhabited by golden lizards first. While there may not be proof of this today, the old town certainly looks rich in culture and history.

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Banska Stiavnica Eats & Drinks

Divna Pani Caffe – Beautiful coffee house in the center of town with tons of instagramable areas throughout the coffee house. Photo shoot anyone?

Where To Stay In Banska Stiavnica

Banska Stiavnica New Castle
Airbnb– Many smaller lodging options such as B&Bs and lodges in Banska Stiavnica are not yet advertised online due to the town’s slow digital adoption. Only major hotels and Airbnb listings are currently accessible on online platforms.

I figured that whether I went for a hotel or Airbnb, it might be tough to meet other travelers. Hotels don’t usually make it easy for solo travelers to mingle. As a solo traveler with limited time in Slovakia’s Banska Stiavnica, I wanted to secure accommodation before arrival and chose an Airbnb Apartment Under Trojický Hill for convenience and affordability. This Banska Stiavnica apartment was close to the bus stop and just a brief 10-minute walk from the Old Town.

Book a hotel in Banska Stiavnica.

Additional Slovakia City Suggestions

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Trnava– (1.5 hour drive from Banska Stiavnica), famously known as little Rome due to the many churches that exist within the city walls.
Bratislava– (2 hour drive from Banska Stiavnica), the beautiful capital of Slovakia.

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