Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies

Let me unveil the top Slovakian culinary delights that await visitors in Slovakia. The selection in this Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel Foodies is a culmination of the country’s unique gastronomic gems during my Latina solo travel visit to Slovakia. Each food and drink item in this article encapsulates the rich tradition and history of this vibrant, young nation. A woman especially a latina doesn’t dish out her age, but the country of Slovakia is younger than I am. Shocking, I know! Despite this, the country has preserved its traditions and flavors in the kitchen, from the iconic potato dumplings known as “halušky” smothered in bryndza cheese to the delicate and aromatic plum brandy, “slivovica”. These offerings represent not just flavors, but a journey through Slovakia’s cultural orgins and it invited not just Latina travelers but tourists alike, to savor the essence of Slovakian gastronomy.

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Slovak Treats & Drinks For Travel




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6 Traditional Slovakian Food To Try

  • Bryndzove Halusky – Potato dumplings

  • Bryndzove Pirohy – Pirogy with sheep cheese

  • Zemiakove Placky – Potato pancakes

  • Cesnacka – Creamy garlic soup served in a bread bowl

  • Sulance s makom – Poppy seed dumplings

  • Slivkove Knedle/Gule – Plum dumplings

4 Unique Slovakian Drinks To Try

  • Plum (Slivovica) or Pear (Hruskovica) spirit is Slovakias equivalent to moonshine for the country

  • Tatra Tea – Tatransky caj is a traditional Slovak herbal beverage often infused with mountain herbs

  • Honey Made Wine – Medovina is an alcoholic beverage, that is fermented honey with water and sometimes fruits or spices.

  • Blackcurrant Wine – Ribezlove as it’s known in Slovakia is currant wine.

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