Book My Air Travel Scam – Fraud, Avoid For Flights

Book My Air Travel Scam

As a fellow traveler, I use this travel blog to promote & connect travelers with trusted companies I use for travel. But with every type of travel there are good and bad travel companies. It is just as important to write about travel companies and services to avoid based on my horror stories. For this reason, I must warn you about Book My Air Travel Scam.

No traveler should start planning their trip with headaches, arguments with customer service agents and feeling cheated. And that is exactly what you will get if you try to use Book My Air Travel.

Read how they will scam below BUT also share ways to travel/book safely on flights.

Book My Air Travel Scam – Table Of Contents

How Book My Air Travel Scam You

Step 1 – False Advertised Flight On Book My Air Travel

You see a flight deal using a flight aggregator which leads you to the Book My Air Travel site. From here, you will purchase your flight ticket. Then you receive an email stating they are confirming your booking and will email you tickets in a few hours. (All of this is pretty standard when booking flights, so no one thinks anything is wrong at this point.)

Book My Air Travel Scam -

Step 2 – Book My Air Travel Puts Your Flight On Hold

Hours pass and you will get a call and voicemails from Book My Air Travel. Voice mail will say that your flight is on hold and urges you to call back. They will also email you with a similar message and to call them to confirm your “same flight”. (Which is false, but this helps their case)

The “same flight” is a key element to the Book My Air Travel scam. See why in step 3 below.

Book My Air Travel Scam

Step 3 – Book My Air Travel Scam You

Scenario 1

You are told by a Book My Air Travel agent that your flight is a basic flight. This means that it doesn’t include a checked bag, or selected seat etc. They offer you these extras by saying you can add this for X amount more. The first time Book My Air Travel tried to fraud me they used this approach.

I turned down the add ons as I travel light. I also confirmed that I knew the flight I had booked and wanted to proceed booking this. They then said, they would proceed with booking this flight now that they had received confirmation. BUT this confirmation email never came. Instead I was brought back to Step 2 and experienced scenario 2…

Scenario 2

Scenario 2 happened twice to me. The first time was after I experienced Scenario 1 and turned down the offer of add ons. The second and last time when I mistakenly booked with Book My Air Travel again.

In scenario 2 you reach a Book My Air Travel agent. They inform you that due to your delay in contacting them, the “promotional price” you booked is no longer available. The “good news”, is that there are still seats on your desired flight and you can book for X amount.

This time, I did flag that they were scamming customers by advertising false prices. I added that what they were doing mimicked that of con artists. The agent argued this was untrue since they never charge you until they speak with you. I flagged this as problematic.Customers will never be able to receive the promotional flight and be forced to pay more. Thus the scam! At this point, the customer service agent became very defensive and said he would cancel my flight. I mentioned to him that he couldn’t cancel a flight that was never booked and he hung up on me.

Step 4 – Book My Air Travel Cancels Your Flight

Since I pointed out their scam, I was hung up by the rude Book My Air Travel agent. Seconds later I received an email stating that my booking had been canceled. Note from this email that it states this booking was canceled since they had been unable to reach me. Which is untrue since I spent 42 minutes on a call with them. They also point out in this email that they have not charged anything. This is why they can claim they do not scam customers as they don’t take your money. (Yet, they do take your credit card details when you book your flight.)

Book My Air Travel Scam

In Summary

Save the time trying to deal with Book My Air Travel, being taken advantage and paying more for a flight. Avoid using Book My Air Travel. They advertise false prices to hook you into booking. Only to have you pay more with add ons or new flight prices.

Solutions To Safely Save On Your Flight

Let’s get to the good stuff!

There are plenty of ways to save on your trip without being scammed. Companies like Book My Air Travel. They later tell you the flight ticket price has changed or push you into paying for add ons. Below, I round up some of the ways to not be conned by companies like Book My Air Travel. Because you should not be forced to pay more for your trip.

Book A Flight Using These Providers

Any easy solution for booking flights is selecting flight providers that you trust. My 3 go-to’s are:

  • WayAway – This is my favorite flight aggregator in the market. It pulls prices from other flight aggregators to find you the best price. TOP TIP: Always filter out “Book My Air Travel” from the agency providers list.
  • – Long are the days when you had to doubt if was reliable. As the years have passed, has become a trusted flight booking company.
  • Expedia – A long standing and recognized brand for travel. They continue to provide value and peace of mind when booking flights, hotels or vacation packages.
Hello Adventure

Travel With Peace Of Mind – Get Travel Insurance

Wherever you travel to and regardless of the reason, having travel insurance provides a peace of mind for the unexpected. Things like delayed flights, canceled trips, accidents, etc. We never want to think about it, but with scam companies like Book My Air Travel, it is safe to have a plan B.

If overwhelmed by the options, have a look at EKTA and Insubuy first. They provide insurance for all types of travel, ages groups and ranges of coverage to suit your needs.

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