Complete Spain Country Guide – From Barcelona, Pamplona, Madird, Etc.


For many travelers, the idea of revisiting countries seems a bit wasteful. Especially when there are so many places to visit. I too felt the same way before becoming a traveling nomad and then eventually moving to Europe. Spain has taught me that you can experience the same country in different ways, simply by visiting different cities. This complete Spain country guide covers all the cities I have visited and makes it easy to plan your visit in Spain regardless of the city or experience you want to have. 

What I learned about revisiting countries, specifically Spain is not to stay stuck on the idea that if you’ve already been to a country that there isn’t a reason to return. I can personally attest that even after visiting Spain more in depth, I know I will be back and continue adding to this Complete Spain Country Guide.

See all the cities I’ve been to in Spain below and use this complete Spain country guide to plan your visit.




Complete Spain Country Guide Table of contents


The most visited city in Spain by tourists and known for its art, architecture and night life. 

Getting Around

Transport to and from airport to city: Many options to get you to the city or other cities in Spain. Check out this useful article here for all available options and pick the one that suits you.

To Do In Barcelona

I played tourist the first time I visited over 7 years ago and pre this website, so sorry for no post but highlights continue to be


The saying goes, ”when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and that’s exactly what I did when a short layover in Madrid International Airport resulted in me missing my connecting flight. This did mean I had to purchase a new flight, but it also meant having 24 hours in Madrid. (A new city for me.)

Below is my useful 1-day Madrid Itinerary to help you start booking your own trip. (Or long layover visit.)


Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations British travellers visit, according to TripAdvisor.

There are plenty of activities available in Tenerife including touring the National parks, basking in the natural pools, partaking in water sports, whale watching or exploring the different towns in the island.

Use this quick and easy guide on Tenerife to discover where to go, what to do and the best places to eat in. 

Gran Canaria 

Another fantastic destination if you want to explore the canary Islands.

While the Canary Islands are actually located in the African continent, they fall under Spain. As a result, you can guarantee tropical and warm climates during the winter months.

So what should one expect in this island? Check out this post for all the details.


An industrial port city in Northern Spain and the capital city of the Basque region. 

It’s nice to spend your days leisurely walking through the city and eating at the various tapas bar/restaurants in the city. 

See how I spent my long layover and the must see spots here


A Spanish city in the southern region of Andalucía known for its medieval architecture and its dominant Moroccan influence. 

Getting Around

Transport to and from airport to city: Alas coach bus company can easily bring you to the city for €3 Euro ($3.50 USD) each way and is right outside of the small airport in Granada.

To Do In Granada
  • Alhambra Palace
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Palacio de los Córdova
  • Paseo de los tristes
  • El Banuelo (Arab baths)


The capital city for the Andalucía region famous for its flamenco dancing and in my opinion a must see city to visit while in Spain. 

  • Jewish Quarter
  • Alcazar
  • Gothic Cathedral, oldest gothic style cathedral in the world, 3rd largest in the world and where the tomb of Christopher Columbus is.
  • Plaza España, A MUST during your visit to Sevilla!!! This plaza is stunning with beautiful architecture and a park to match.
  • Cafe Restaurant Alianza 
  • Arte y Solera
  • Brunilda – Delicious and surprisingly economical tapa restaurant enjoyed by locals and tourist alike. Be ready to wait as its a small restaurant, they don’t take reservations and is very popular.


Only a short 2 hour drive from Sevilla you will find Córdoba which was an important Roman city and Islamic Center in the Middle Ages. (FYI: I would recommend this as a great day trip if you are visiting Sevilla.)

  • Templo Romano, for views of the remains of the ancient Roman city. 
  • Mesquite Cathedral, A breathtaking Mosques and Catholic Church rolled in one proving religions can live harmoniously.
  • Madinat al-zahra, excellent ruins of the purpose built capital of the Muslim caliphate in Al-Andluz. Visit the museum as it provides great information.
  • Jewish Quarter, former Jewish Quarter where the Mesquite Cathedral is located and now a tourist enclosed area within the city walls full of shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Mercado Victoria, market building full of food stalls and very popular by locals and tourists alike for its variety of cuisine options.

Jerez + Cádiz + Ronda

Both Jerez and Cádiz are a short 1 hour drive apart with Ronda not to far from Cadiz in the Andalucía region. Jerez being known for its sherry production and horse shows and Cádiz for being an ancient port town.

  • Visit a sherry production company in the famous “Sherry triangle”. I went to “Fundadores” and did a tour with them.
  • Check out a horse show. Book this show here.
  • Walk around the town of Ronda and visit the beautiful bridge with its landscapes viewing point.


Located in the Rioja province in Northern Spain, this small town comes alive once a year for its wine festival, “San Vino”. This festival includes a wine battle where locals and tourists alike participate. Don’t forget to bring your goggles as the wine stings the eyes but the experience is incredible. 

I had the opportunity to experience San Vino with Stoke Travel as I did a work exchange with them and was able to take my love for wine to a next level. 

  • Learn more about this festival here.
  • Learn more about experiencing San Vino with Stoke Travel here.

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Located in Northern Spain, this city is best know for its annual “San Fermin” festival in July. During this festival the infamous Running of the Bulls happens where daredevils are chased by bulls in the streets of Pamplona. 

San Fermin Festival – Running Of The Bulls

This was another festival I got to experience while working with Stoke Travel. I gambled with my life not once, not twice but 5 times being one of those daredevils who participated in Running of the Bulls. Not down to run? There is still so much to do here during the San Fermin festival and experiencing this festival from many angles really brought this city to life for me. I feel I would never have experienced this city the same had I visited here during another time. 

  • Nightly fireworks in park “La Cuidadela” during San Fermin festival.
  • Tour the route for the bull run. It’s filled with tourist shops, cafe’s, bars and restaurants.
  • Opening and closing ceremony of San Fermin in the main plaza. (Don’t forget to bring a red scarf and wine.)
  • Watch the Running of the Bulls from the Plaza de Torros Pamplona. You can buy tickets from the ticket office or the scalpers standing outside if you don’t want to wait in line for the ticket office.
  • Check out a street party by simply walking the city after the nightly fireworks. 
  • Run with the bulls
  • Take in the sights by visiting the cathedral for a beautiful view of the city or stroll through Pamplona’s parks. Parque de la taconera, Parque de media luna and the park within the citadel are highly recommended by locals.
  • If visiting during the summer, the temperatures can reach 41 Celsius (aka 106 Fahrenheit) so cooling off will be oh so necessary. Visit Pamplona Swimming Club to enjoy the refreshing pool.
  • Have breakfast at “Pura Vida”, this place is centrally located close to the bus station and provides delicious juices, healthy sandwiches and bakery sweets at great prices.
  • Considered a favorite by locals, “Bar Gaucho” offers the best pintxos in the city.
  • If you want a more fine dining experience than “BaserriberRI” will surely not disappoint.

Learn more about experiencing San Fermin and Running of the Bulls with Stoke Travel here.

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San Sebastián

The resort town in the Basque Country of Spain is known for its beaches, bay front promenade and restaurants in its cobblestone old town. (It’s also the city with the most bars per capita in the world which means you will always find a party if you’re looking for it.)

  • Hike up Urgul Medina and see the Jesus statue. It offers beautiful views overlooking the city.
  • Beach, beach and more beach time. (If you have it in you, consider swimming to the small island on Bahia de la Concha beach.)
  • Stroll through the cobblestone old town or walk outside of the old town to take in all the beautiful street art scattered throughout the city.
  • Eat your heart away and taste your way through the 2nd city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world. Check out this food tour.

I want to give a special thank you to all those in Spain who I got to 1) reconnect with like my family-like friends who came with my special request of lucky charm’s from home, 2) friends who I met while traveling who were also visiting Spain while I was there and I had the chance to meet again and 3) my Stoke family I made. To you wild goons I say, “How good life”.