Tenerife Holiday – An Escape to Summer

A Tenerife holiday is one of the most popular destinations British travellers visit, according to TripAdvisor.

There are many connotations attached to what tourists expect when doing a Tenerife holiday. Essentially, that Tenerife is a beach tourist trap for Brit’s. 

Rachel, a lovely Brit who tends to steer away from your typical Brit destinations said it best, “This is what lockdown does to us. Saying yes to Tenerife.”

I have visited “Popular British Traveler Destinations” in the past, this certainly felt a bit different. Especially since everyone I met was warning the avid traveler that I am, about Tenerife.

You can certainly find yourself in a tourist trap and surrounded by Brit’s. But visiting Tenerife helped me debunk the many misconceptions my travel friends and I had about Tenerife such as…

You will only find Irish/British restaurants.There are plenty of restaurant options including delicious vegan restaurants, Italian eateries and of course, Spanish tapas spots.
Only Brit’s Visit Tenerife. French and Italian tourists are also beginning to visit Tenerife making Tenerife a more global travel destination.
All people do is go to the beach, visit the various amusement parks and get drunk.There are more activities available including touring the National parks, basking in the natural pools, partaking in water sports, whale watching or exploring the different towns in the island. 

I am glad that we discovered for ourselves how amazing this island is. Use this quick and easy guide on a Tenerife holiday to discover where to go, what to do and the best places to eat in Tenerife.



Island Village Eden CatamaranMount Tiede

Tenerife Holiday Travel Tips

Language – Spanish is the native language but since Tenerife is visited by many English tourists, speaking English is perfectly acceptable. (If you do speak Spanish or learning Spanish then using it in Tenerife will go a long way with locals.)

Currency – The Euro is the currency used here. Additionally, you are able to use your debit or credit card in Tenerife without a problem.

Length Of Stay – Since Tenerife is a place to relax but with plenty of activities, I would recommend 4-5 days. The perfect amount to slow down but have time to still explore the island.

Check The Bill – Many restaurants, especially in Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, have cheap deals advertised. When you get the bill, you may see extra charges for bread/sauces they placed on your table without you asking. Our group found that even fancy eateries practice this in Costa Adeje. To play it safe, if something is brought out that you did not order,ask if this is complimentary.

FILERS – You will often find flyers offering cheap excursions, especially in the bigger resorts. Don’t go on these. They sound like a good deal but often include a timeshare pitch or another long sales presentation. 

Must Do Activities

Quad Safari Tenerife Teide National Park
1. Visit Teide National Park 

Tenerife offers unique ways to experience the island’s biggest attraction; Mount Teide. Mount Tiede is the third highest volcano in the world with a great viewpoint. 

My party decided to add some adventure with our visit by booking a quad bike tour with Quad Safari Tenerife

Weather wasn’t on our side given rain and temperatures reaching 4° C; Quad Safari staff made up for this. (TIP: Be sure to layer up for this trip wearing a coat and pants. Temperature drops drastically as you make your way to the top of Tiede.)

Other ways to experience Teide

  • Walk – If you want to climb to the top, you should reserve a permit ahead of time. This permit is free but needs to be booked in advance online HERE
  • Cable Car – You can also go to the top using the cable car. Book your cable car in advance in order to save time HERE.
  • Star Gazing – Mount Teide is rated the best place for watching the stars and there are various companies that offer tours. Click HERE for the highest rated tour I found.
Los Gigantes Natural Pool
2. Walk From San Juan to Los Gigantes 

A short 23 minute bus journey (€3.15 single) from Adeje to San Juan will situate you in the best place to walk along the coast to Los Gigantes. 

This 10K walking journey is mostly flat and passes by many quaint Tenerife villages, natural made pools and bars. Be sure to enjoy some delicious mojitos. Mojito tour, anyone?

Paddle Boarding in Fanabe Beach Tenerife Water Sports Tenerife
3. Enjoy The Beach

Tenerife is known for its black volcanic beaches. If it’s golden sandy beaches and natural pools you’re after, the south of the island is where you’ll find both. Take advantage of the various water sports you can do on the beach during your Tenerife holiday. Water Sports Tenerife offers options like jet ski rentals and paddle boarding.

Have extra time?

Consider going whale or dolphin watching on catamaran. The Eden Catamaran tour provides you an additional ticket for free if you can’t see either a whale or dolphin.


Where To Stay

Tenerife Holiday - Island Village in Adeje

Island Village – Spacious Airbnb style accommodation. These villas are perfectly situated in Adeje and offer a rooftop pool with balconies and laundry facilities in each unit. The best home away from home during your Tenerife holiday stay.

Endless Summer House – Looking to save money on accommodation in Tenerife? Endless Summer House is a great place to meet others. Breakfast is included and the hostel is perfectly situated to Adeje and Playa de las Americas.

Where To Eat

  • Restaurante Mayte – The place to go for paella (Spanish rice). This is a family run restaurant and you will absolutely love the hostess. An older woman who will make sure you leave not only full but as if you just ate at your gramas. Simply perfection!
  • Suka Fruit & Salad – Hands down my favorite vegan friendly restaurant on Fanabe beach. I highly recommend for breakfast as their menu offers items with fresh fruit and organic ingredients.
  • Restaurant Michelle – This no frills beachside restaurant serves tasty Tapas and other Spanish dishes. Take advantage of their tapas deals found in the back of their menu; 10 tapas for €24.
  • Hemingway Cafe – This restaurant offers a more British style brunch menu and because of how good it was, we will definitely allow it.
  • It&Aly Bar – Delicious Italian restaurant in Adeje and close to Island Village.
  • Tierra Cafe – This patio eatery caters to vegan and vegetarians but is approved by even non vegans and vegetarians, so be sure to include in your list.
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