Latina Slow Travel Plans

Latina Slow Travel Plans

“Chicken scratch plans”, “Ever changing” and “No real plans” was the ways I described my 2nd leg/extension of my Girl Takes Mundo plans described in my Latina Wanderer: Back on the Map, Rediscovering the World’s Splendors post. The best way to describe this type of travel I embarked on was Latina Slow Travel Plans.

I had no clue where I would be when I wrote the above post and that chicken scratch plans in my phone certainly changed a bit as one could see from my posts.

Don’t forget to catch up with all my upcoming adventures.  

Latina Slow Travel LEARNING’s

As I mentioned, the infamous chicken scratch notes on my phone has continued to change and here are some helpful takeaways for other Latina travelers who opt for the nomad traveler life.

  • Plans will continue to change. But little by little, chicken scratch plans will become solid plans.
  • Usually a shift occurs where you begin to slow travel – less city hopping and more quality time in cities.
  • You may start exploring income streams such as work exchanges or digital work. I opted for a work exchange with Stoke Travel.

Slow Travel Inspo

Have a peek into my notes below and if you’re day dreaming of new travel adventures, simply want to see my pretty little face or both, how about planning your trip with the travel dashboard below.




Latina Slow Travel Plans

Latina Slow Travel Plans – Work

Latina Slow Travel Plans

I hinted above about doing a work exchange with Stoke. For two seasons I was a festival crew member for Stoke Travel. I spent my summers in Spain working hard and playing harder with them. 

If you want to experience the fun and book your adventure with Stoke Travel, use my code “GirltakesMundo” when booking. This will guarantee that you too can enjoy unlimited free booze thanks to the crew.

🍷 San Vino adventure

🏃🏽‍♀️ Running of the bulls adventure

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