Exploring Trakai Perfect Day Trip From Vilnius

Exploring Trakai Perfect Day

Exploring Trakai perfect day trip from Vilnius is just a short half hour away, where history meets tranquillity in Lithuania’s old capital. A place known for its serene lake, the majestic castle that sits in Pilies Sala island, and the fascinating Karaim people. The Karaim ethnic group thrives in Trakai. You can see their presence in the city’s architectural charm, rich culture, and delectable cuisine, which uniquely define Trakai. These are the reasons my friend and I couldn’t resist including Trakai in our week-long visit to Lithuania. While locals may have mixed reviews on the city, as a tourist and Latina travel blogger, I would certainly recommend the visit. Join me for a half-day adventure, with a hearty Karaim lunch to savor the flavors of this enchanting city.

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Exploring Trakai Perfect Day: Travel Tips

Exploring Trakai Perfect Day
Money Accepted: Credit cards are accepted in most places and ATMs are available if you do need cash.
Safety In Trakai: As a Latina female traveler, I felt safe through-out Lithuania including Trakai.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: People seemed friendly enough based on the short time we spent during our day trip.
Length Of Stay: From my Latina perspectives a day trip is sufficient for visiting the old capital.
Misc. Items To Keep In Mind: – English may not be spoken by many locals but you can guarantee in tourist locations you will find someone who speaks English.

– The currency used in Lithuania is Euro.

Ways To Get Around Trakai

WalkGiven the size of the city, its really easy to walk around to see the sights.
TaxiAffordable taxis are easy to catch by asking one of the hotels or restaurants to use around the city.
BusLocal bus in Trakai are only 1 EUR per journey but must be paid in cash (plan accordingly) and bus’ to other cities in the country can be paid for with card at the central bus station.
Car Rental Depending on the number in your group and what else you plan to see, renting a car may be a cheaper option. Book your car rental.

Trakai Tales

Why Visit Trakai

Just a short 1 hour train ride from Vilnuis, you will find yourself in the tranquil old capital of Lithuania. This area is known for its lake, the castle that sits in Pilies Sala island and the Karaim people. The Karaim people are a small ethnic group that were brought to Lithuania by the medieval kings to act as body guards. They were granted land to live around the Castle and today, their decedents still keep their own cultural heritage, building style and food.

I would recommend as a half day visit and would suggest lunch to be able to enjoy the regional Karaim cuisine that is unique to this city.

Trakai Sights & Activities Not To Miss

1. Explore the old capital of Lithuania and bask in the walking trail along the lake or walk in the city to see the colorful wooden homes.

2. Trakai Island Castle – The island where the castle sits on is reachable via a footbridge and has a cultural museum inside.

3. Enjoy a hot Kibinai, the Karaim people’s version of a Cornish pastie.

Trakai Eats & Drinks

Kybnlar – Restaurant for traditional Karaims cuisine. Look into their “Kibinai” cooking class for a fun authentic activity if you have the time.

Senoji Kibinine – Recommend eating the authentic Kibinai which is traditional to the region.

Additional Lithuania City Suggestions

VILNIUS– (30 min drive from Trakai), the heart of Lithuania, its capital. 

Druskininkai– (1 hour and 30 min drive from Trakai), a famous spa town where you can go for all sorts of mineral water treatments. 

Palanga – (3 hour drive from Trakai) A coastal city known for its beautiful women-only and family beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

 Kursiu Nerija National Park – (4 hour drive from Trakai) Not far from Palanga is the state national park where German writer Thomas Mann use to spend his summers at.

Trakai Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

Lithuania Like A Local Google Map

To facilitate your exploration, this handy Google map, provides a comprehensive list of restaurant locations, attractions, and more from my “Lithuania like a local” adventure. It includes additional tips in the notes section for your convenience. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

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