Lithuania Foodie Guide

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To discover the traditional cuisine in Lithuania, check out the tasty items in this Lithuania foodie guide below which details what food and drinks you should try.

I, personally, tested my collection of recommendations to ensure that only the finest items made it onto my Latina travel blog list below:

Lithuania Like A Local Table Of Contents

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Lithuanian Food Guide

  • Cepelinai, a popular dish found throughout the country, feature meat fillings. People grate potatoes to prepare these dumplings, and for vegetarians, versions filled with curds is available.
  • Kibinai are similar to Cornish pasties or empanadas. People traditionally fill them with pork or chicken. If you’re vegetarian, try to find some with a mushroom or spinach filling. If visiting Trakai consider doing a Kibinai cooking class to learn how to make this delicious snack.
  • Herring is a common starter that can be found salted, smoked or baked on many menus.
  • Potato pancakes in Lithuania, people stuff potato pancakes with a variety of savory and sweet ingredients.
  • Potato sausage or “Vedarai” as it’s called in Lithuania can be completely meatless. It consists of encased potato, perfect for vegetarians. 
  • Tinginys  is a delectable chocolate cake that translates to “lazy”. This dessert is effortlessly prepared by combining chocolate and biscuits. And what’s not to love about it?
  • Cream of mushroom soup this traditional soup made from mushrooms gathered in the forests of Dzūkija and served in a bowl made of rye bread.
  • Kepta Duona consists of fried rye bread typically topped with cheese and a mayo dip.
  • Gira is a traditional beverage widely available in the country. To enjoy the best version of gira, look for a homemade and fresh version from Lithuanian restaurants which offers an authentic and delightful experience.

Lithuania Restaurant Map & Guide – Google Map

Lithuania Foodie Google Map

To facilitate your foodie exploration, this handy Google map, provides a comprehensive list of restaurant locations, attractions, and more. Includes additional tips in the notes section for your convenience. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps and buen provecho.

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