Latina Perspectives On Vilnius: Exploring Lithuania’s Capital

Latina Perspectives on Vilnius

In ‘Latina Perspectives on Vilnius,’ I venture into the heart of Lithuania with a fresh perspective as I explore Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital.

Let me share with you why this city will leave you enchanted as it surprisingly did for me. It’s blend of rich traditions, churches galore and hints of Latin presence with an array of restaurants made this a wonderful city break. Whether you are in search of a high end or budget destination or a Latina looking for new and safe destinations to visit, Vilnius caters to all!

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Latina Perspectives on Vilnius Table Of Contents

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Latina Perspectives on Vilnius: Travel Tips

Latina Perspectives on Vilnius
Money Accepted: Credit cards are accepted in most places with exceptions including the local city bus. ATMs are available if you do need cash.
Safety In Vilnius: As a Latina female traveler, I felt super safe in Vilnius, even at night and in isolated areas. Considering a female solo trip my Latina girlies than this is a good city to dip your toes in.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: People seem serious but they aren’t rude or disrespectful. Overall, I think the root of their seriousness ties to their history and because they don’t feel comfortable speaking English.
Length Of Stay: From my Latina Perspectives on Vilnius, 3 days is sufficient for visiting Vilnius.
Misc. Items To Keep In Mind: – English may not be spoken by many locals outside of Vilnius but you will have no problem navigating the capital speaking English.

– Traditionally, people take off their shoes before entering a home in Lithuania and thus is the expectation at hostels as in Vilnius too.

– The currency used in Lithuania is Euro.

Ways To Get Around Vilnius

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TrainI booked trains using TRAINLINE and they were very reliable and affordable.
BusLocal bus in Vilnius are only 1 EUR per journey but must be paid in cash (plan accordingly) and bus’ to other cities in the country can be paid for with card at the central bus station.
Flixbus Flixbus operates in the Baltic’s with many routes and busses available throughout the day to other countries in Europe. Find your bus journey.
Car Rental Depending on the number in your group and what else you plan to see, renting a car may be a cheaper option. Book your car rental.
Car Share Bolt operates in the capital with many drivers available throughout the day.

Vilnius Unveiled

Latina Perspectives on Vilnius

Why Visit Vilnius

Vilnius is a city that offers an array of cute shops, cafes, restaurants with lovely architecture and food to match. It gave me Austrian vibes with a fraction on the price.

For travelers who love visiting churches then this is the city for you. While exploring Vilnius, we visited a number of churches in the city with each offering unique architecture, interiors and stories to their construction. Can’t deny, I felt like I was on the church version of a bar crawl which I happily enjoyed and found quirky in it’s own right.

Vilnius Sights & Activities Not To Miss


Town Hall Square – Situated in the Jewish quarter, this is another area to admire the city.

Bastion of the Vilnius Defensive Wall – Walk along this wall and explore another unique neighborhood in the city.

Ducal Palace of the Upper Castle – Gorgeous castle. Walk or grab the cable car for those who prefer not to walk to the top for panoramic views of the city.

Open Gallery – Open air art gallery with various local and world artists.

St. Anne’s Church – Unique complex of churches to visit.

Fun fact: Lithuania was the last country to accept Christianity and played catch up by creating many unique churches throughout the country. Present day, religion is still big here.

Saint Mikalojaus – This church is all ll black inside so that the silversmiths in the past could show off their works. 

Cathedral Square – Walk around this area to see the top city attractions such as Vilnius Cathedral and the Bell Tower.

Hill of the Three Crosses – Located atop of a lovely park, this area also offers nice views of the city.

Vilnius Eats & Drinks

Bernelių Užeiga – Popular local visited Lithuanian restaurant offering an array of hearty Lithuanian cuisines. Be sure to order their homemade Gira and fried bread here.

Hall Market – Market with nice food stalls near the main entrance. Try the juice shop and bakery for a quick breakfast or lunch.

Katpedele – Cheap eats with an extensive menu.

Peronas – Cool and unique train station bar in Vilnius train station.

Love Bar – Hidden cocktail bar.

Panama Food Garden – For a treat yourself meal, head to this gorgeous garden restaurant slightly outside of the city center.

Food Hall Baltasis Tiltas – Lively place to go and enjoy the river walk of Vilnius.

Vilnius Budget Stay

Latina Perspectives on Vilnius
Jimmy Jumps House
Highly recommended by other travel bloggers like myself that it felt like a no brainier. Social hostel, in a great location of the city. Staff were helpful and allowed us to keep our backpacker luggage with them when we did a 1 day trip to a nearby town. Saving our backs immensely. Only downside, which is completely out of their control is the early 7AM noise you hear outside from construction. 

Additional Lithuania City Suggestions

Trakai – (30 min drive from Vilnius), is the old capital of Lithuania with a beautiful lake and castle on an island.

Druskininkai– (2 hour drive from Vilnius), a famous spa town where you can go for all sorts of mineral water treatments. 

Palanga – (3 hour drive from Vilnius), is a coastal city known for its beautiful women-only and family beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

 Kursiu Nerija National Park – (4 hour and 1/2 drive from Vilnius) Not far from Palanga is the state national park where German writer Thomas Mann use to spend his summers at.

Vilnius Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

Lithuania Like A Local Google Map

To facilitate your exploration, this handy Google map, provides a comprehensive list of restaurant locations, attractions, and more from my “Lithuania like a local” adventure. It includes additional tips in the notes section for your convenience. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

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