Lithuania Like A Local: Insider Tips For Must-See Places & Experiences

Lithuania Like A Local

The chances of a local loving their city or country is only natural. With the invaluable guidance of my friends work colleague and knowledge as female travelers, we were able to see the best places in Lithuania like a local. Better yet, we understood why locals love these cities.

Lithuania was the first stop on our 2-week Baltics vacation. Aside from the recommendations we received, we didn’t know much about the country, if we would even like it, or what to expect. No expectations made this trip that more exciting!

Thanks to the uniqueness of each stop in our trip, I did walk away with a favorite Baltic country.

See why Lithuania earned the title of my favorite Baltic country. The sections below, explore must-visit attractions, activities, and eats from the top Lithuania cities. To kick things off, we’ll explore…

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Lithuania Like A Local Table Of Contents

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Plan Your Lithuania Like A LocaL Visit




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Lithuania Travel Tips

Money Accepted: Credit cards are accepted in most places with exceptions including the local city bus. ATMs are available if you do need cash.
Safety In Lithuania: As a Latina female traveler, I felt super safe in Lithuania regardless of time and day and area my friend and I visited. If you are considering a solo trip as a female traveler, I would highly recommend Lithuania.
Friendly To Tourists/Latinas: People seem serious but they aren’t rude or disrespectful. Overall, I think the root of their seriousness ties to their history and because they don’t feel comfortable speaking English.
Length Of Stay: To explore Lithuania like a local, I would recommend 3 days if only visiting Vilnius – 5 days if you want to explore more cities in this Baltic country.
Misc. Items To Keep In Mind: – While English may not be spoken by many locals you may find at least one person that speaks English in tourist locations.

– Traditionally, people take off their shoes before entering a home in Lithuania and thus is the expectation at hostels as well.

– The currency used in Lithuania is Euro.

Ways To Get Around Lithuania

FlyCheck out cheap flights using WAYAWAY – your new and trustworthy travel companion.
TrainI booked trains using TRAINLINE and they were very reliable and affordable.
BusLocal bus in Vilnius are only 1 EUR per journey but must be paid in cash (plan accordingly) and bus’ to other cities in the country can be paid for with card at the central bus station.
Flixbus Flixbus operates in the Baltic’s with many routes and busses available throughout the day to other countries in Europe. Find your bus journey.
Car Rental Depending on the number in your group and what else you plan to see, renting a car may be a cheaper option. Book your car rental.
Car Share Bolt operates in Vilnius with many drivers available throughout the day.

Lithuania Like A Local Trip Itinerary

Lithuania Like A Local
Day-1: Arrival to Vilnius
Day-2: Day exploring Vilnius
Day-3: Departure from Vilnius post breakfast to Druskininku via a national bus
Day-4: Druskininku until afternoon & then returning back to Vilnius via a national bus
Day-5: Morning departure via train for a half day in Trakai then heading to Riga at the evening

Lithuania Must Visit Cities


Why Visit Vilnius

Let’s delve into the heart of Lithuania, as I share with you my unique perspective of Vilnius, the capital city. This city took me by surprise, with its rich traditions, abundant churches that had me feeling like I was doing a church crawl and its subtle Latin influences. Whether you’re a traveler seeking luxury or affordability, or a Latina exploring new, secure destinations, Vilnius has something for everyone.

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Why Visit Druskininkai

The renowned spa town of Druskininkai invites locals, tourists, and Latina visitors to experience its rejuvenating mineral water treatments.

It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of spa relaxation to your trip and unwind during an overnight stay while exploring Lithuania on a Baltic vacation.

The town’s various resorts offer access to saunas, salt rooms, and mud baths, and don’t be surprised by the unique taste of the mineral water.

For family travelers, Lithuania’s largest water park is a must-visit, and everyone will be delighted by the evening water show at the main fountain which features an unexpected fusion of rock music. I love traveling to see quirky touches like this or only in X city moments which I can then share with friends, family and travelers like you. .

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Why Visit Trakai

As a traveler and Latina blogger, I highly recommend Trakai as a perfect day trip from Vilnius. This historic gem and old capital of Lithuania is just 30 minutes away, features a serene lake, a stunning castle on Pilies Sala island, and the unique heritage of Karaim people.

My personal experience exploring this cities architecture, rich traditions, and savoring the distinct Karaim cuisine made it a highlight during the week of my Lithuanian adventure.

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Additional Lithuania City Suggestions

Palanga – A coastal city known for its beautiful women-only and family beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

 Kursiu Nerija National Park – Not far from Palanga is the state national park where German writer Thomas Mann use to spend his summers at.

Lithuanian Food Guide

Lithuania Like A Local

This Lithuania Foodie Guide below explores the traditional Lithuanian cuisine curated from my eats in the country and includes a list of the must-try dishes and drinks.

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Lithuania Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

Lithuania Like A Local Google Map

To facilitate your exploration, this handy Google map, provides a comprehensive list of restaurant locations, attractions, and more from my “Lithuania like a local” adventure. It includes additional tips in the notes section for your convenience. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

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