6 Best Tip Based Tours In Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia for being a smaller European city has tons of things to do and a lot of it is free. This includes walking tours, bike tours, hiking tours to Vitosha mountain, jogging tours, graffiti tours and even food tours. And did I mention they are all free!!! Of course, these 6 Best Tip Based Tours In Sofia Bulgaria follow the similar idea where you tip your guide at the end of the tour.

While I wasn’t able to do all of these tip based tours in Sofia or opted out, below are my personal tips on these tours based off my own experience or what I heard from those who did the tour.

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6 Best Tip Based Tours In Sofia

Sofia Walking Tour

Like all tours, a good guide is key here. I was fortunate to have Viki who was a 5 year vet and was super knowledgeable about the city. Learn more about this free walking tour HERE.

Bike Tour

While this is a free tour, you do have to rent a bike which the guide can help you with. This tour will cover some city spots but focuses more on parks and off beaten bike trails around Sofia. You can easily do both the walking and bike tour with out feeling like these will be the same. My guide was Peter a “Squirrel Whisperer” who not only had names for these squirrels but these squirrels responded to their name and fed off Peter and his guests hands (see pic below).

TIP: As with all activities, dress appropriately. I wasn’t originally going to do this tour and didn’t dress appropriately. Especially since half of the bike tour I did holding an umbrella due to rain (a new skill and learned during this trip).

Hiking Vitosha Mountain Tour

While this is a free tour you do have to pay for the train transfer. This is a hiking tour and not to be confused with a walking tour as you will be visiting a mountain. The guide advises people to wear at the very least gym shoes, bring water and pack a lunch for this tour. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

Visiting in the winter? Consider this cool snowshoeing day trip HERE.

Food Tour

Many blogs and even hostels will tell you to just show up at the meeting point and time for this yummy one of a kind tour but I’m here to tell you not to do this as its quite popular. Instead make reservations via their website and wait for your confirmation to this tour. Since the tour consist of visiting 6 restaurants in Sofia, learning about Bulgarian cuisine and enjoying samples, it this has become a very popular tour. Only 30 people can go on the tour each day and if you don’t have a confirmation email, chances are you will not be allowed on the tour. Which is sadly what happened to me. Moral of the story, do yourself the favor and reserve in advance HERE.

Jogging Tour

To anyone who knows me, you know this would be the one tour I would opt out. Especially, since I LOVE running soooooo much (insert my most sarcastic voice here). For those who fancy running, this will be a cool tour to do and a great way to explore the city. Learn more about how to do this tour while visiting Sofia HERE.

Graffiti Tour

This tour happens everyday due to its popularity and I hear is pretty amazing since you learn about the pieces and artists. I was really bummed when I missed this. If you’re like me, I would still say to go to the meeting area and walk around the neighborhood to check out the art for yourself, if you have time. Get the latest details to do this Sofia graffiti tour HERE.

Visiting Plovdiv? They too provide a free walking tour also. Check it out HERE & rent a car for your day trip HERE.

More Tour Options

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